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1V-LSD to remain legal in Germany until September

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Great and unexpected news for Germany regarding the upcoming 1V-LSD ban!! Despite originally thinking 1V-LSD would be banned in July, it looks like the amendment did not pass through the European Commission in time for it to be included in the last Federal Council meeting before their summer break.

The agenda notes for the latest Federal Council meeting (July 8th) were published  HERE on June 21st with no mention of the NpSG amendment! The amendment did not pass through the European Commission until June 23rd – as you can see HERE 

Close call but great news for Germany

The next Federal Council meeting is scheduled for September 16th

This means that 1V-LSD will remain legal in Germany until 21/09/2022 at the very least!!

We will know if the NpSG amendment banning 1V-LSD is included in the September Federal council meeting on August 30th when the meeting draft notes are published HERE

For more information on the NpSG, it’s history, process and the 2022 update, please head to our main article:

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