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The End Of An Era – Where Do We Go From Here?

CC Background
Table of Contents
What We Currently Know
What does this mean for Lizard Labs?
What does this mean for 1D-LSD and other compounds?
What does this mean for the RC community?

What We Currently Know

On Tuesday 8th November, a joint operation consisting of American, Dutch, Spanish and British police, led and orchestrated by the American Authorities, carried out raids on a select few RC vendors and individuals in The Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

According to the US Treasury, the operation was to take down suppliers of “illicit fentanyl, synthetic stimulants, cannabinoids, and opioids to U.S. markets through the internet” and use (for the first time) Executive Order 14059 – an order signed by US President Joe Biden on December 15, 2021, to enforce sanctions upon foreigners involved in the global illicit drug trade.

The main targets for this operation, according to the US Treasury and various news outlets, were The Real RC (www.therealrc.com) and Smokeys Chem Site (smokeyschemsite.com) – Clearnet vendors that have been accused by the US authorities of selling and supplying schedule 1 narcotics to the US.

For more information on this, you can read the press report from the US Treasury here or this Vice article here

Strangely, Lizard Labs was also targeted, seemingly as part of this operation. Around 10 am on Tuesday 8th, their laboratory was raided by Dutch police, with staff taken in for questioning and equipment seized. As far as we know, no research chemicals were taken. The www.lizardlabs.eu domain has also been seized: (pic below)

A screenshot from the www.lizardlabs.eu domain.

What does this mean for Lizard Labs?

From our understanding, the Lab is currently not in operation and it’s uncertain if they will be able to get back up and running again. This means whatever stock they and vendors have of compounds exclusive to Lizard Labs – a lot of novel lysergamides, tryptamines and arylcyclohexylamines – may be the last in existence.

What does this mean for 1D-LSD and other compounds?

1D-LSD is the newest lysergamide created by Lizard Labs, designed as a legal successor to 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD and 1V-LSD for Germany. With this recent news, many are wondering what will happen to 1D-LSD and if it’s even still available.

The good news is that 1D-LSD is still available, but currently only from select vendors. Stock is limited, and it is unclear how much remains, but we hope there are a few months’ worth remaining, at least. However, once this has gone, we don’t expect any more to be made, and that will be the end of 1D-LSD and legal lysergamides for Germany and the rest of the world.

We advise everyone to stock up while it’s still available, as this really does mark the end of an era.

What does this mean for the RC community?

This is a really sad time for the RC world and the Psychedelic community. Lizard Labs have been at the forefront of creating consistent, high-quality, lab-tested novel compounds. Without them, the market may be flooded by poor-quality compounds produced by clandestine manufacturers eager to take their place, pushing people to an unregulated and sometimes unsafe black market. 

There is also a chance of exit scams by unscrupulous vendors taking orders despite not being able to fulfil them. Please be vigilant and vet your vendors by checking legitimate, verified reviews and feedback from the community.

We will continue to offer our services while we have remaining stock and will probably continue the business in some form or another, as we love working together as a team and we are not ready to part ways with our wonderful community just yet! We’re currently expanding the website to offer a wider range of products (see the new Headshop) and are planning to add more in the near future. If anyone has any suggestions for cool products you’d like to see in stock, let us know!

Regardless, we plan on keeping our community alive as long as we can.


  1. Is there anything known about the pretext for the raid on LL and what has been happening with their assets since? Hard to believe that the knowledge how to produce 1D-LSD should suddenly be gone. Can’t it be put into the public domain so that production can be resumed?

    1. Ja, Lizard ist wider Online, mit einer neuen Website Lizardlabs.nl
      Also es wird wahrscheinlich wie gehabt weiter gehen und wir müssen uns erstmal keine größeren Sorgen mehr machen 🙂

      1. Trotzdem lassen sich die meisten Substanzen aus Deutschland nicht bestellen, nur 1D-LSD geht. Ich frage mich ob es dafür eine Lösung gibt, wie etwa Paket-Wiederversender oder ob man einfach Pech hat, wenn man in Deutschland sitzt.

  2. Bad news for all…

    I really understand this, and even support because in USA have a really bad times with drugs. But as article says attack some non fentanyl makers is a bad move. Maybe not all can make drugs, but always will be someone. You don’t need to eliminate, you need to colaborate with. But this could be a scandal so..

    1. It’s absurd that the US can have this much power in a country on the other side of the world. Maybe they should fix their drug problems, instead of attacking the biggest producer of good psychedelics that help people.

      1. “This domain has been seizes by U.S. Homeland Securities Investigations” Yes they were the instigators of this raid lol.

  3. Rientrando in gioco la modificata Opium Law ha causato un disastro nel mondo delle sostanze RC, alcuni ben conosciuti siti seri, che non voglio nominare, vendevano bene online da molti anni ma hanno poi continuato come scam. Ho perso soldi recentemente in ordini mai ricevuti, continuano a vendere il nulla, non si riesce ad oscurare un sito scam? Le sostanze sono sempre disponibili per le strade o in casa di pushers o con consegna a domicilio in 15 minuti ma non sai mai come sono tagliate e quanto. È un passo indietro per la salute dei clienti e un guadagno per la mafia. Mi dispiace di quello che sta succedendo e spero che si trovi un modo di poter continuare a comprare online per uso personale, magari rendendo nota la propria vera identità in una lista accessibile solo dalla polizia? Staremo a vedere!

  4. Really sad news. I hope everyone at LL is coming out of this okay and that the show can go on somehow.
    Given the unfortunate situation, it would be great to find some more in-depth information on long-term storage (expecially of lysergamides) on this site.

  5. Honestly it’s ridiculous they go after European companies for supplying fentanyl when it’s coming from China by the ton. But it’s done with CCP approval so their authorities won’t work with the FBI, unlike European ones.

    1. The information available is quite sparse, but if Lizard Labs had indeed produced fentanyl, that would be awful, and the seizure would be only deserved.

      So far, however, what I have read suggests that they haven’t done any such thing, in fact, that they haven’t broken any laws – which makes me wonder what the legal grounds for the raid was. I wonder whether we’ll have more clarity.

      1. Thanks to Nixon, LSD is also “Schedule I”, and analogs are also Schedule I, just as if they were Heroin. Fentanyl is Schedule II. It’s hard to believe how messed up US drug laws are. Even cannabis, decriminalized in many states, is federally Schedule I. Totally inconsistent rules, with no relationship to public safety. So I’m guessing the LSD analogues were enough to give US law enforcement an excuse.

  6. I’ve been feeling down since I heard about this, and mad at authorities for leaving users in danger of using poorly made products. They never cared about the health of other humans if they were drug users. They only care about trying to make a point of their pathetic existence.

  7. If they are legal, why is this going to be the end of it? And… is Lizard Labs the only lab supplying? I knew something like this was about to happen. The real solution would be LEGALIZATION. The black market will always exist, and it is unsafe.

  8. I just want ti say that im so sorry for the situation, its hard to see places like these ones with so much knowledge and beatifull people in new in these places only take a few things and a young psiconaut places allí arroundme to found subtances are dangerous, skamers and focus on the money.
    I will probabily never try any of the gorgeous 4-HO or LSD familiars just because a goverment dont know what to do with the real dangerous substances or the people that think that dont matter what they are taking in which amounth.
    My apologice to Jack and Jessica, i read you a lot on Reddit and it’s clear both of you are nice people.
    Sorry for my English.
    Good luck and have a nice trip.

    1. Lo siento muchísimo por todo el equipo de chemical collective y por el resto de usuarios LEGALIZACIÓN YA!
      Esto es un despropósito por parte de las autoridades quienes parece que no kieren que el mercado negro desaparezca ,espero esto se solucione lo más pronto posible para el bien de todos los consumidores.

    1. I am so sorry for you! And of course for the people who worked in the lab to provide us with these wonderful substances. I hope that somehow it will continue and that in the end this beautiful community will endure.

    2. I could help. I got very advanced pharma-grade lab and i have enough talented soul about chemistry. No scam – I was supplying most of the RC family across the world. All legsl (I have necessary papers for tests of new drugs on biologocal life). Let’s keep this as long as my regulations from FDA/DEA are actual and will be until anybody from gov will catch up what we are doing 🙂 I could synthesize ANYTHING is in TIHKAL & PIHKAL is listed plus we have a large section which is about all lysergamde research. We are able to produce ANY lysergamde exist on this spaceship Earth. Please contact us. We are off the law when we doing wor(ship) k. We could run this spaceship on pharm-grade substances of course all batch is tested GC/MS and NMR. We have own hardware and we are 100% independent from any influences. We will help. Until we all return home from this matrix construct (WE KNOW THE TRUTH). TIME IS SHORT. Black sun will go Nova very soon. We exit just before it blows all evil and se return and move forward. Remember. Divine law is “all GOOD goes UP!”. EAST, WEST, SOUTH. ORin layman’s theory HEAVEN, UNDERWORLD, AND HELL… but this is for different article. Wake Up! It’s the only way to start see how big is this picture. All You learned or see is lie and this is only movie you live inside. Soon all will see the truth and how complex lie we live in.

  9. Angesichts dieser Nachrichten erscheint es auf den ersten Blick wie ein Widerspruch zu den angeblichen Korrektur-Bestrebungen der irregeleiteten Prohibitionspolitik der letzten Jahrzehnte.
    Wer von uns allerdings ohnehin schon Zweifel an den Absichten von Scholz, Lauterbach und Co. hätte, wird sich nun bestätigt sehen.
    Die Verantwortlichen sollten allerdings nicht täuschen: Mündige, selbstverantwortliche Konsumenten haben sich schon seit Generationen damit abgefunden, sich außerhalb Eures Rechtsverständnisses zu bewegen.
    Eure Strafen und Repressalien schrecken uns zwar, aber sie halten uns nicht davon ab, unser Recht auszuleben. Wenn Euch tatsächlich der illegale Drogenhandel im öffentlichen Raum unserer Städte lieber ist, dann setzt halt Euren Willen gewaltsam durch. Der Abu-Chaker-Clan, die Hells ‘Angels und andere Kriminelle werden es Euch jedenfalls danken.

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