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Free shipping over €50 & free tracked shipping over €100

Friendly customer service available 9-5pm Monday to Friday

Free shipping over €50 & free tracked shipping over €100

Friendly customer service available 9-5pm Monday to Friday


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If orders have not arrived after 8 working days from the shipping date, an investigation needs to be opened with Deutsche Post. We find once this process has started, orders tend to arrive after a few days or are returned to us – at which point we can send them back out again. Deutsche Post store undelivered post until this process is completed.

Please get in touch with us after 8 working days to let us know your order hasn’t arrived. We can assist and send you a “proof of postage” picture to show your order before it was sent out, with the shipping label on it. This shipping label shows the date of postage, your unique shipping code and can be used as evidence for the investigation.

Deutsche Post domestic lost mail investigation form:



Please select

  • Shipment Not Delivered
  • National Mail
  • Untracked order = Letter (Brief)
  • Tracked order = Registered Mail (Einschreiben)


Shipment Type: Large Letter (€1.60)

If Tracked: Einwurf Einschreiben

Stamp / Tracking Code: Code starting with A0 from your order (can be seen on shipping label from proof of postage pic)

Date of consignment: Shipping Date on your postage label (see pic)

Posting Point: Mail Box

Address: Berlin 10717

Contents: Other – “Art”

More info: “Small art card with folded A5 poster”

Personal Details: Please fill out your info

Sender Details:
Company: Mailboxde.com GmbH
Street: Outer Weberstr
House number: 57
Addition: ID 161623
Postcode: 02763
Location: Zittau

Does the recipient address used on the shipment differ from the address given here? NO

Upload an attachment: Upload a picture of the order with the product cropped out, that shows the packaging and shipping label only. If you can’t do this, get in touch and we can crop the picture for you!


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