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Put simply, Lysergamides are amides of lysergic acid. They can also technically be referred to as complex Tryptamines, similar to Ibogaine.

Lysergamides have both phenethylamine and tryptamine groups embedded within their structure, as well as a carboxamide group attached to carbon number eight. 

The pharmacological effects of lysergamides are assumed to come from their efficacy as a partial agonist of the 5-HT2A receptor, though they are known to have an affinity to a much greater variety of receptors than other psychedelic compounds.

The (surprisingly dark) History of Lysergamides

The first discovered lysergamides came from a fungus called ergot that can be found on rye and other grains. This fungus contains both lysergic acid and a precursor of LSD, ergotamine. Ingestion of grains containing ergot led to the condition called “ergotism”, which wreaked havoc around the turn of the first millennium. The worst incidence of this was one night in the year 944AD in France, where much of the population were unknowingly consuming rye bread that had become infected with ergot. Two hours later, people flooded the streets, assumed to be mad. Over 40,000 people died over the course of a few days in what became known as the “Ergot epidemic”. Interestingly, the term “werewolf” was first coined to describe people who were afflicted by ergotism.

It wasn’t until 1938 that Albert Hoffman first developed lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD while working with this same fungus and the psychedelics revolution of the 20th century began. 

Since then, a vast array of LSD analogues have been discovered and synthesised; some of these by Hoffman himself during the 60s (ALD-52 for example) and many in just the last 10 years by the Dutch based laboratory Lizard Labs (these include 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, 1B-LSD, 1V-LSD and 1D-LSD).

Click HERE for our ultimate 1D guide. 

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For more information about the various LSD analogues please click HERE for our ultimate analogue guide. 


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1D-LSD 150mcg Blotters From 29.00
1D-LSD 10mcg Micro Pellets From 12.00
1D-LSD 225mcg Pellets From 42.00
1D-LSD 100mcg Dropper Bottle From 230.00
1D-AL-LAD 100mcg Blotters From 35.90
1V-LSD 150mcg Blotters From 22.00
1V-LSD 225mcg Art Design Blotters From 35.00
1V-LSD 10mcg Micro Pellets From 15.00
1V-LSD 225mcg Pellets From 35.00
1cP-LSD 100mcg Blotters From 18.00
1cP-LSD 150mcg Art Design Blotters From 25.00
Micro 1cP-LSD 20mcg Blotters From 18.00
1cP-LSD 10mcg Micro Pellets From 12.50
1cP-LSD 150mcg Pellets From 25.00
1P-LSD 100mcg Blotters From 18.00
1P-LSD 150mcg Blotters From 25.00
Micro 1P-LSD 20mcg Blotters From 18.00
1B-LSD 125mcg Blotters From 18.00
Lysergamide Sample Pack (4 x 2 Blotters) 75.00
Lysergamide Sample Pack (4 x 5 Blotters) 135.00
LSZ 150mcg Blotters


LSZ 150mcg Blotters From 17.50
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21 hours ago
Edited. Waited for a refund and it seems the staff responds very slowly, unlike what I heard of this company.
1 day ago
I made the payment 2 days ago, but I didn't receive the payment confirmation email. I checked 10 times that everything was correct. there isn't an email in the spam inbox, and you don't reply to my emails.. I've already made several purchases here on CC and the response times are always very short too. please let me know? the order ends with 668
Audrey H
2 days ago
Je suis très contente du service client, un peu moins hélas du service de livraison qui bloquent parf9is les commandes un long moment. Mais comme la communication est excellente avec des personnes agréables, au final, je suis extrêmement satisfaite et les produits sont très qualitatifs
Dana R
2 days ago
Wonderful service and tracked shipping. I started after issues with another vendor. Prompt, responsive, and exactly what I need for research, I can’t recommend them enough. Love the stickers!
Miks P
2 days ago
Always reliable, amazing products, creative packaging, informative newsletter, very happy customer :)
2 days ago
nice products for research, received so fast and discrete.
2 days ago
Sent two emails to recover my tracking number, no response. They told me that it was because there were a hidden link in it so i checked the mails and there were NO hidden links, sent one again making sure that i didn't put one accidentally and still no response. I don't know where my tracking number is, where my package is or anything. Everything tells me that they are selective scammer or they just don't know how to handle a business properly. Just give me my tracking number!!!
2 days ago
Ordered about a week ago, by my fault i lost the tracking number due to a mail problem (all my fault, not theirs) emailed them two times so they can give it to me (providing various proofs of order)... No response, it's been one week and i didn't receive any package nor mail. No way to know what happened or if it's still on its way or whatever.. edit: resent an email as asked, still no response and don't tell me there is a hidden link because i checked the latest email i sent and the two firsts too and there is absolutely NO mail. Still didn't receive my package, still didn't receive any mail, nothing. They are probably selective scamming
Boris M
3 days ago
Amazing place, quality as advertised (3rd party tested, my tests just confirmed the same), customer support and staff is always helpful. I never had a single bad experience with CC during my research. Stealth is also beyond what I expected; they even offer you "notes" so I could receive it among family or work friends (as PS plus subscription in my case). My only complaint is that I couldn't order their stickers to pimp my workbench.
Giulio B
3 days ago
Perfectly working and on time
3 days ago
Keine Bestellbestätigung, auch nicht im Spam. Kontakformular funktioniert nicht. Geld weg.
Zdenek F
4 days ago
good quality, research was successful
Jorge S
4 days ago
Everything was perfect, the order arrived as expected and the quality was very good. Very good experience
Norman K
4 days ago
The shipping is very fast and done in a way that I believe is safe to protect the product. Quality of the product is A+. Also, when I thought there was something missing and contacted them, they were very quick to resopnd to my message. Prolem sovled immidiately. Thank you CC!
5 days ago
come on guys, i am fed up with you to the back on my teeth. scammer. i can t undersand and comprehend these good and nice rating? all self created?. order 145400, can you please tell all the customers here what happend about it? please let us talk about it here in the public area. i still roud about 2 weeks an now only why DPD say "one the way" it is regulated for you. you are really a shitty business, selfish, ripped off, ruthless, trust-less. thanks for nothing. please send me my 307 euro back. you company is pathetic
Michal B
5 days ago
Fast delivery, well packed and quick response.
Mykhailo L
8 days ago
On time, discreet packaging, overall 5* experience
Manuel C
8 days ago
Allí perfect
Dominik G
8 days ago
The delivery was very fast an the acid is good.
schmitt m
8 days ago
Unfortunately I have to give one star otherwise I can't send a review. I have received my first order. This amounted to around 100 euros. As a result, I placed a second order for almost 400 euros. Of course this was not sent and my x complaints were only answered with. there were difficulties.order 145400 is run dry ? scammer keep away

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