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Credits, Ranks and Referrals


Credits act as a virtual currency that can be used to purchase products at

Credits can be earned in two ways – by making a successful purchase and by referring new users.

The amount of credits awarded for each purchase depends on the user’s rank. The higher the rank, the more credits earned for each euro spent (see below for exact details). We will also be adding new rewards for higher ranks in the future.


Users level up their rank as they earn more credits. Your ranking progress can be observed on the dashboard here.

1 Credit = €0.01 so when you earn 100 points, that is equivalent to €1.

The amount of credits you earn for each rank as follows:

Private – €1 = 4 points

Sergeant – €1 = 5 points

Captain – €1 = 6 points

Major – €1 = 7 points

Colonel – €1 = 8 points

Commander – €1 = 9 points

General – €1 = 10 points

Hero – €1 = 11 points

Legend – €1 = 12 points

Guardian – €1 = 13 points


When a user makes a successful referral (meaning that the user who was referred has completed a purchase) they will be awarded 10% of the total value of the first purchase made by the referee.

In order to refer other users, you just need to send them your unique referral URL and have them make a purchase using that link, which can be found here.