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Chemical Community

Meet The Writers

thelonious jawn chemical collective


Thelonious Jawn

Thelonious Jawn is a musician/journalist from Philadelphia. His writing ranges in topics including album reviews, mental health among musicians, festival culture, and psychedelic therapies. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Education and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Music Composition.

simon johnsson chemical collective


Simon Jonsson

Simon Jonsson is a psychology and philosophy teacher, musician, Buddhist, and freelance writer from Sweden. Spending his youth promoting the use of psychedelic substances, he is now more focused on harm reduction and meditation as a way to reach alternative states of consciousness.

mas miras chemical collective 1


Mas Mirus

Mas Mirus is an illustrator, and writer. He’s interested in exploring the relationship humans have with the natural environment. From the ancient use of visionary medicine to the contemporary science of psychedelic healing, he is convinced of the immense potential these powerful substances hold.

lunaa ethan chemical collective


Lunaa Ethan

Lunaa Ethan is a registered nurse, certified English Foreign Language (EFL) teacher, writer, blogger, and photographer. She is a practicing registered nurse in Canada for nearly a decade in maternal/child health within vulnerable populations, with her graduate work focusing on child growth and development in children with medical and social complexities.

james faraday chemical collective


James Faraday

James Faraday is a Christian Worship Pastor and a seeker of Truth and Wisdom. He lives on a small farm in the middle of nowhere with his beautiful wife and daughter. Aside from searching out the Divine, going on psychedelic journeys, and writing, he enjoys backpacking, building things, caring for his animals, and smoking shisha. Making the world a more loving and caring place through Jesus Christ, Love, and Goodness is his mission and passion.

emily mullins chemical collective


Emily Mullins

Emily is a freelance writer based in Virginia, USA, who specializes in topics of music and activism. She can usually be found searching for wild mushrooms, tending to her plants, or hanging out with her pets.

david blackbourn chemical collective


David Blackbourn

David Blackbourn is a freelance writer, author, podcaster, and musician, living in London, dreaming of the countryside. He is an avid gardener, voracious listener of audiobooks and podcasts, a huge fan of sci-fi and comic books, and has a long-standing fascination with psychedelics and mind-altering substances.

Alex Mayhugh chemical collective


Alex Mayhugh

My name is Alex. I play guitar and enjoy listening to the Grateful Dead. When I feel inspired, I record and release music. I want to be in a jam band someday. The psychedelic experience is something that I feel has been both integral and unprecedented to my development as a person. It has shaped me in all my creative and professional endeavors, and I try to let that show in my writing. When I’m not typing, I like to be outside.

Our Writers all experienced members of the community.
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