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HAMR Myster│Cold-Start Concentrate Rig

Ratings from 1 reviews


Lab-Grade Borosilicate Glass

Silicone Base

Quartz Finger Banger

Steel Torch

A beautiful and innovative piece of equipment, the HAMR Myster is one of the best cold concentrate rigs available.

Its lab-grade borosilicate glass construction results in deliciously flavourful and smooth rips every time. The silicone base provides a robust and stable foundation, and the predominantly steel constructed SABR Torch Lighter reaches temperature quickly and reliably.

Conveniently portable with it’s handy zip-up carry case, this all-in-one solution streamlines the dabbing process without compromising on the experience in any way.

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  • Main material
    Lab-grade borosilicate glass
  • Finger Banger
  • Base material
  • SABR Torch Lighter
  • Carry case
  • Fuel
    SABR torch shipped without butane fuel

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Hugo V
8 hours ago
Envois rapides. Sur 3 commandes, une a connue une erreure (il manquait 1 échantillon). Mais je mets ça sur le compte de la rapidité de leurs envois.
Iker R
1 day ago
Awesome as always ❤️
Jaime V
1 day ago
Perfectomundo :-)
Jörg S
2 days ago
Good service, thanks 👍
Federico M
5 days ago
Primo viaggio con 1D-LSD... Dio vi benedica, mi auguro che duriate tanto tanto tanto :)
6 days ago
Not gonna lie I expected to have to wait 3 months if it even arrived with how notoriously bad my country's customs is. It arrived perfectly though in just over a month. Super excited to order again!
Dua M
6 days ago
So i had the worst experience with them ever. My order was not being able to be tracked down and when I contacted them they told me to check in with the post office myself. I did and got my package although it was empty and there was nothing in the packaging so the day of the party where I was supposed to use my order. did not happen so my friends were all high and I had to sit there sober because of their mistake. Upon contacting them, they replied days after and promise to double the order and send it. Well it did not happen when the order came it had the original order which was not doubled down.(eventhough it was promised ). Anyways I was scammed before so I decided to make a video before opening the package ….and u guessed it. There was nothing in it and it was caught on the camera. I wrote them an email which they have been ignoring from a while after more than a week I’m writing this review and hoping to get atleast my money back! I would suggest to avoid them at all costs!
Ilya M
8 days ago
10 days ago
I have made several orders at this store. Once the package was not delivered to me. Probably the loss of the carrier that delivered the package. Even though the package was not insured against loss, I was sent compensation in the form of a "gift" in the next order. When I pointed it out. The CC team communicates by e-mail, is happy to advise you and always accommodates your requests. The only e-shop that has soul and very good heart. Great shop, great team. Thank you very much.
Roman P
10 days ago
First it arrive in two weeks. For me it one of this fast shipping. Second, the material was with full.chem sticks. So you do not worry. The quality of what I had check was wonder full
Ole M
10 days ago
Love the site, I’d wish some more products would be added that are available in Germany.
Michael C
10 days ago
I had a very therapeutic experience. Felt very refreshed and healed.
Marko N
11 days ago
Took a bit longer to arrive than I expected but overall very good experience.
Frank M
12 days ago
Absolutely reliable delivery. Thank you !
Giovanna D
12 days ago
Update: I got a message from them.
François-Xavier L
13 days ago
I ordered 1cp-lsd. after a laboratory analysis, i learn’t That’s it’s 1p-lsd. I think it's not very serious
Víctor H
13 days ago
After one month I haven't received my order. I could understand it's not necessarily their fault but Chemical Collective did not offer any solution.
André J
13 days ago
Super schnelles und verlässliches Handling - gerne wieder!
Jim R
13 days ago
All good, fast delivery
Emeric C
14 days ago
Delivery in time Product of really good quality, really happy and will order again very soon big thanks to chemical collective !!

Lots of love
from Jack, Jessica, Gigi and Matt

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10 months ago

It’s so amazing, I don’t want to test it I’ll so stoned!!!! @-)


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