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Custom Artwork Chemical Collective T-Shirt│100% Organic & Fair Trade Cotton

Ratings from 5 reviews

Original Artwork

100% Organic Cotton

Printed in Germany

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Product Name: CC T-Shirt

Other Name(s): Chemical Collective T-Shirt – 100% Organic & Fair Trade Cotton


Active Ingredient(s): None (that we know of)

Other Ingredient(s): 100% Organic Fair Trade Cotton, Love, Positive Orgones

These T-Shirts were designed by Nervewing (check out her excellent blog here) the winner of our artwork competition so thanks for the awesome design! A share of the proceeds will of course go to the designer. They are 100% Organic, Fair Trade and all that jazz 🙂

We also went for “premium quality” T-Shirts when having them printed, which means they’re a little more expensive than the average T-Shirt, but they’re super soft and should be much more durable. Which just seemed like a better choice all round really. They were screen-printed here in the Netherlands.

The sizes go from S through to XXL, so no matter the size of your machine, we’ve got you covered. Bear in mind that these are EU sizes! We’ll try to get a size chart from our T-Shirt manufacturer, as no one wants to end up with a T-Shirt that is too big or too small. That would make for a very sad machine.

Buy a Chemical Collective T-Shirt today. The perfect gift from you to your machine this season.

These T-Shirts are strictly not for human consumption. 

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5 reviews for Custom Artwork Chemical Collective T-Shirt│100% Organic & Fair Trade Cotton

  1. Voitechus

    I like white one!

  2. chatack (verified owner)

    Nice shirt. I love it.

  3. richardperlos

    Pretty Cool Shirt. Love the design

  4. LemonChemist

    Quality shirts! Great fitting and fabric and they don’t loose shape or form after washing several times. Would love to see new designs. (Hm, I think I have some inspiration for drawing again)

  5. omar944

    High-quality original content, fabric is super good, and feels soft and nice get it before it sells out and supports the artists for more to come I think. Top-notch as everything here is really done so well. It’s really a wholesome company that cares about all aspects of chemistry to the knowledge of the art it brings

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