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Friendly customer service available 9-5pm Monday to Friday

Free shipping over €50 & free tracked shipping over €100

Friendly customer service available 9-5pm Monday to Friday


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Coronavirus Delays

Prevention COVID 2019 pandemic.
in this article

Europe – DPD has been temporarily removed as a shipping option due to extreme delays and/or lost packages (it’s unclear whether they are lost entirely yet as many tracking statuses are frozen and DPD are unresponsive to emails).

Europe DHL – Now available in Europe. It’s too early to give an average time estimate, but the handful of deliveries made so far have arrived in 5-7 business days. [updated 27-05-20]

DHL also experiencing delays and tracking issues. Some taking as long as two weeks to arrive [updated 04-06-20]

PostNL in Europe delivery times seem to be 1-2 calendar weeks. Some taking up to 3 weeks [updated 04-06-20]

Rest of World – Delays expected worldwide. This varies country to country, but in general, expect to wait at least a week longer than you are used to. Sometimes substantially more than that. [Updated 12-05-20]

Orders from NL to US placed in April – early May Severely Delayed:

According to PostNL, the reason is that they had just made the decision to switch over to shipping by sea and on top of this, many containers were then held by customs for inspection, causing yet more delays.

Here are two Reddit threads from (presumably) non-RC folk experiencing the same issues:

Which suggests to me that the issue is delays and not customs seizures. Anyone who placed orders around this time, thank you for your patience and please let me know if/when your order arrives! [updated 04-06-20]

We’re keeping a close eye on the situation and on the shipping policies of the Netherlands, the US and other countries we ship to. Although it seems unlikely that the Dutch postal service will shut down entirely.

01-04-2020 – We’ve just been informed by a customer (thank you!) that PostNL are officially expecting delays to various countries. Please see here so you can check if your country has been affected.

We understand that waiting so long for shipments is very frustrating and we appreciate your patience and understanding of the situation!

If anyone places an order that cannot be fulfilled because of subsequent restrictions on shipping, you will receive a full refund no questions asked.

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