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1V-LSD 150mcg Blotters

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All German orders of 1V-LSD are shipped domestically from our German Office, with fast 1-3 day delivery times!

Bulk/wholesale amounts (1000+) are now available for 1V-LSD 150mcg blotters, 1V-LSD 10mcg pellets and 1V-LSD 225mcg pellets. For more information and pricing please contact: cookie@chemical-collective.com

What is 1V-LSD?

Introducing 1V-LSD (1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate) or “Valerie” for short.

Just 6 hours after the German government added the much-loved 1cP-LSD to the NpSG (New Psychoactive Substances Act), making trade of it effectively illegal, our Lizard friends from the Netherlands announced the creation of a new lysergamide and spiritual successor – 1V-LSD.

Just like 1P-LSD and 1cP-LSD, 1V-LSD is a Lysergamide prodrug based on an Ergoline structure, which means it will share many characteristics with LSD-25 in a lab setting and likely works through a similar mechanism of action. A prodrug is basically an inactive compound that becomes active upon ingestion due to chemical reactions during metabolization.

What are the effects 0f 1V-LSD?

While it is still early in the lifespan of 1V-LSD, initial reports suggest very similar effects to LSD and 1cP-LSD. However, there are some key differences that seem to distinguish 1V-LSD from other lysergamides.

The main differences we’ve so far been able to ascertain are:

  • Longer onset – 1V-LSD seems to take around 2-3 hours for the effects to take hold. Compared to 1-2 hours (or even shorter) for 1cP-LSD and LSD-25.
  • Greater visual hallucinations – many researchers have reported that 1V-LSD produces more intense visuals at lower or comparable doses compared to other lysergamides.
  • Nausea – a seemingly larger proportion of researchers report feeling nauseous (occasionally leading to throwing up) than with other lysergamides.

So why such differing effects? The most plausible reason seems to be due to the larger molecular mass of 1V-LSD compared to other LSD-25 analogues (and of course LSD itself, which has the smallest molar mass of all lysergamides), which will likely affect how it is metabolized by the body, making it more difficult for the stomach’s enzymes to break it down (hence the longer onset).

Interestingly, despite the relatively common reports of nausea, almost all researchers still seem to view their overall experience of experiments with 1V-LSD as positive.

Testing shows that 150mcg 1V-LSD is comparable to 125mcg 1cP-LSD so please adjust your research accordingly.


1V-LSD is currently legal in Germany, France and almost every country in the world where there isn’t a blanket ban on psychoactive compounds!!

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All products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Lysergamides and Tryptamines should be kept below 20'c where possible

Product Name: 1V-LSD 150mcg Blotters

Other Name(s): 1-Valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate

IUPAC: (8β)-1-pentanoyl-N,N-diethyl-6-methyl-9,10-didehydroergoline-8-carboxamide hemi-L-tartrate


Active Ingredient(s): 1V-LSD L-tartrate (150 mcg)

Other Ingredient(s): Soy based ink, 200 gsm blotting paper

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NMR Measurment Report
NMR Measurement
Report Available
Sample name: 1VTART 25/06/21
Spectrometer: GCMS
Expected compound:
Identified compound:
Estimated purity:

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10 reviews for 1V-LSD 150mcg Blotters

  1. Nick

    I bought 10 pcs. as trial ( i never take lsd so cant compare).
    I was wondering if its so easy to buy 1v-lsd online.
    2 Days later order arrived, 2×5 pieces with 150mcg per blot.

    We were 2 people and tried each 100mcg. It took 45min – 1 hr… it was a very strong and a very good experience! We order again, soon!

  2. Takefi1212 (verified owner)

    It took about three weeks to arrive in Japan.
    Thank goodness!

  3. Questan

    i have a Question, if i Order Quantity 2, do i get 2 Blotters and on both are 150mcg? or to i get 2 Blotters and 150mcg is splitt on both of them? ty for your answer

    Best regards

    • admin

      Hey buddy!

      Each blotter contains 150mcg of 1V-LSD, so 2 blotters contain in total 300mcg.

      I hope that answers your question 🙂


  4. Major

    I tried some Valerie in low dosage and I’ve made a very nice and beautyful expierience!
    I felt a warm and lovely feeling inside me. It kind of felt similar to the feelings I’ve had with molly but in a much more clearer and trippier way.
    I also felt a little nauseous during the expierience, but it was not uncomfortable somehow.
    I enjoyed the day with Valerie and it was a very important expierience to me.
    The feelings of love and unity I’ve had during this day were so intense.
    There wasn’t really a difference between Valerie and the classic LSD to me.

  5. SuperCookie

    Fast shipping, nice free stickers and potent as expected. Love this vendor!
    5 of 5!

  6. Samthe

    Arrived safely and sound within 5 days to Finland, the product seems to contain what was promised.

  7. Chris Saey

    The Optics are heavy on 300mcg, i love it <3

  8. Dawid

    Totaly crazy experience, would try again !

  9. Cyrill-Pascal

    Order was already there after 2 days and it has also brought very good experiences. Recommended, but do not test alone.

  10. dheerajsuvarna (verified owner)

    First time trying LSD, was an amazing experience.

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