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UPDATE October 2022: 1D-LSD is now available to our German customers since 1V-LSD is now illegal in Germany.

What is 1V-LSD?

Introducing 1V-LSD (1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate) or “Valerie” for short.

Just like 1P-LSD and 1cP-LSD, 1V-LSD is a Lysergamide prodrug based on an Ergoline structure, which means it will share many psychedelic characteristics with LSD-25 in a lab setting and likely works through a similar mechanism of action. A prodrug is basically an inactive compound that becomes active upon ingestion due to chemical reactions during metabolisation.

What are the effects 0f 1V-LSD?

While it is still early in the lifespan of 1V-LSD, initial reports suggest very similar effects to LSD and 1cP-LSD. However, there are some key differences that seem to distinguish 1V-LSD from other lysergamides.

The main differences we’ve so far been able to ascertain are:

  • Longer onset – 1V-LSD seems to take around 2-3 hours for the full effects to take hold. Compared to 1-2 hours (or even shorter) for 1cP-LSD and LSD-25.
  • Greater visual hallucinations – Many researchers have reported that 1V-LSD produces more intense visuals at lower or comparable doses compared to other lysergamides.
  • Shorter Duration – Reports show that 1V-LSD has a shorter peak (3 hours) and overall duration (6 hours) compared to 1cP-LSD and LSD 25
  • Female Entity – Many have reported feeling a strong, warm and calming motherly presence during their research

So why such differing effects?
The most plausible reason seems to be due to the larger molecular mass of 1V-LSD compared to other LSD-25 analogues (and of course LSD itself, which has the smallest molar mass of all lysergamides), which will likely affect how it is metabolized by the body, making it more difficult for the stomach’s enzymes to break it down (hence the longer onset) and producing slightly different results.

Despite a few initial reports of nausea, something that can be common with some lysergamides,  almost all researchers view their overall experience of experiments with 1V-LSD as positive.

Testing shows that 150mcg 1V-LSD is comparable to 125mcg 1cP-LSD so please adjust your research accordingly.


1V-LSD is currently illegal in Germany. Though it remains legal in France and most of the world where there isn’t a blanket ban on psychoactive compounds.

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All products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Lysergamides and Tryptamines should be kept below 20'c where possible

Product Name: 1V-LSD 150mcg Blotters

Other Name(s): 1-Valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate

IUPAC: (8β)-1-pentanoyl-N,N-diethyl-6-methyl-9,10-didehydroergoline-8-carboxamide hemi-L-tartrate


Active Ingredient(s): 1V-LSD L-tartrate (150 mcg)

Other Ingredient(s): Soy based ink, 200 gsm blotting paper

1V-LSD 150mcg Blotters

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4.93 / 5 (104)
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NMR Measurment Report
NMR Measurement
Report Available

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Sample name: 1VTART 25/06/21
Spectrometer: GCMS
Expected compound:
Identified compound:
Estimated purity:

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104 reviews for 1V-LSD 150mcg Blotters

  1. jacob28 (verified owner)

    dropped ACID, saw GOD.
    really wild ride but magical at the same time!

  2. qualitycheck (verified owner)

    Great product. Our cats prefer it to 1cP.

  3. Mngwa

    Well, this is my review on the lovely substance named 1V-LSD here we go. I took 70 mcg and was very pleased by the amazing feeling this drug produces. Surprisingly I did not have any substantial visual changes, just a few weak closed eye visuals here and there. But I know from experience that I am somehow not prone to visual hallucinations so for others it might be much better in this area. Also the feeling from the little trip was so good that I am giving full score. I absolutely recommend this one for people that seek really enjoyable, relaxing, introspective and chill out experience with a few extra colors if they are lucky 🙂

  4. ktuluu7 (verified owner)

    Mi especimen se encuentra todavía aterrizando del primer viaje con un solo blotter (150), una grandísima experiencia, es lo que ha dicho, claramente 😉



  6. Duckman

    I ordered this as my first product on this site, I must say, it was a GREAT experience!

  7. dqmme

    Very good product

  8. ooo (verified owner)

    def potent. similar to 1cP. But i ll go with this one because of the bodyload. was able to satisfy my craving to trip without noticeable drawback -above 3 tabs- the bodyload is more high than stone. no vascular perceived stress. nothing about digestiv discomfort, even after meal. the length is typical of lsd but the comeup can be a bit long, max 2h. warm perceptions during all the trip. and do not conflict with any kind of physical closeness or steamy cuddling ;p
    Wasnt very proned to lay back and closing eyes, but instead motivate to engage in almost normal processes – risk free- like creative or meticulous hand work. Was able to focus on single task, eventually at the cost of all the rest. had to deal with funny stuff though, but the overall was pleasant and somewhere towards enthusiasm. Auditives hallu. are to report, didnt felt this for ages, the music and surround were sometimes like unspecified or all new songs to me, sometimes like simplified randomly out of space freaky f* hubbub m00h. But was so flawess and (un)natural, that if i didnt noticed the funny ambiance i could have forget that i was just totally f* up. Thoughts are clearly stimulated and lets dare constructive, compared to 1cP or lsd. so you can discuss without looping or looking ill. by the way, can be judicious to slightly select your pals if you attempt something. with sober mates and unplanned grocerys expedition, i rate it like no threat …

  9. kermiting (verified owner)

    Winds of freedom coming to Asia. This is a more wonderful experience than the 2CB system I saw 12 years ago.

  10. kermiting (verified owner)

    Wonderful this legal postage stamp
    It makes me crushed to the point of sadness.

  11. Thcx (verified owner)

    Laisse tomber !! 🙂
    Perso 5x plus fort que le 1cp !
    J ai eu une illumination 🤩

  12. SpacePanda212

    Fast shipping, all good

  13. 123moni321@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I highly respect your really professional service and quality products. Great and very informative website too. You are my fav RC seller.

  14. Deviluna (verified owner)

    Produit incroyable !
    J’ai pris le buvard de 150 mcg en entier, c’était assez long à monter, environ 1h45 pour commencer à ressentir des effets, avant de monter en puissance.
    J’ai ressenti des effets pendant une dizaine d’heures je dirais, dont 6h complètement magique, c’était un voyage dans un monde de couleurs, d’amour, de vibrations.
    Avec une bonne playlist et un cadre chaleureux, vous allez passer un moment à la fois beau et plein de sens.

  15. Korcorpse

    Worked exactly as a expected it to

    Works exactly as expected

  16. Godite

    Fast shipping and the best experience

  17. W୩ (verified owner)


  18. W୩ (verified owner)


  19. xloveisfake (verified owner)

    Good product. fast delivery, even better team!!

  20. Kleiner Tom

    Gutes Produkt, machte Spaß. Wirkung war gut.

  21. v0lkanbalci (verified owner)

    very satisfied, looking forward to try 225 mcg ones in the future.

  22. Sarah Heinze (verified owner)

    Super schnelle Lieferung und Wirkung wie LSD. Perfekt!

  23. h (verified owner)


  24. aski12345a

    Parece buen producto, agradecería a quien me comentase en que se diferencia del 1-p

  25. B-Lilly

    Fast and uncomplicated shipping, very friendly customer service. The product held its promised and delivered some very nice experiences. However as a newbie with this substance I found that even with the 225 mcg dosage I was considering it medium. Then again it’s quite subjective and everybody reacts differently…. Stay safe and enjoy your rides 🙂

  26. be_like_water (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great product, thanks for the service!
    With a lot of experience im psychedelic compounds I explored up to 600 mcg and for me the sweet spot is around 350mcg.
    Take care exploring this great lysergamide!

  27. Sweet42 (verified owner)

    This will be my first time trying psychedelics, heard its basicly a more legal version of LSD with same effects, well because it is an LSD ,so thumbs up from me.

  28. Kilto (verified owner)

    It was so powerful! I wasn’t waiting this much! Thx CC

  29. Sneezy

    From Lizard with love!

  30. Monotech1990

    Wahnsinn! Ich bin bipolar und habe 1V-LSD ausprobiert weil keine Medikamente geholfen haben und ich am Ende war. Ich glaube ich habe die Krankheit seid dem überwunden und bin heute ein fröhlicher Mensch der positiv in die Zukunft blickt. Danke!!

  31. adasdafe2ad (verified owner)

    fast delivery, Lizard Labs certified retailer

  32. whitetiger

    Very good quality. i thought it would feel much less than the 225ug, i was wrong, respect to the 150, it did a great experiment.

  33. Dim (verified owner)

    Wow .. Valerie is just perfect !! An amazing experience .. :p

  34. Fubian

    good stuff

  35. Highdel

    Fast shipment and discreet packaging. Very good and clean quality, no yellowish color. Valerie is definitely my favorite now!

  36. HanstheBochef

    Sehr gut, schnelle, diskrete Lieferung und super Produkt.

  37. hellmut

    serh gut

  38. pfefferhase

    Super ist wies orginal.

  39. Mehdi Ben Jemia

    Good and clean quality, I really recommend !

  40. Lorreytetao@yahoo.com

    Très bon produit je recommande

  41. Apfelrocker (verified owner)

    bin sehr zufrieden. nicht zu stark nicht zu schwach

  42. Ollekk.

    Kickt gut
    Vertrau Bruder

  43. chinaprodukt

    very good stuff

  44. akrIi

    it can be more 25 like attack if you start quarter or half, later adding more half hour later.
    you might get more comfortable risings.

  45. Ybanelcampeon@gmail.com

    En mi opinión prefiero el 1cp lsd pero este no está mal. Muy buena página y buenos envíos. Gracias

  46. A-pat

    Great quality, fast shipping and good prices.
    I wish best of results for everyone’s research!

  47. simiswim

    super Produkt, super Service, danke!

  48. t0a0


  49. Loiso

    A wonderful product that gives the full range of psychedelic effects expected from lysergamides! Delivery from the Czech branch is top class. One has to be careful about the time of onset of action (as you should expect its pharmacology to start taking effect in an hour and a half, but on an empty stomach some people’s entry can be very sharp and unnoticeable). Also subjectively, it is slightly more stimulant than other lysergamides, especially in the presence of physical activity

  50. valeriue

    Good quality product and good service. Thank you

  51. Gunnmlo (verified owner)

    Hi! This product is not bad. Perhaps for the first time with LSD it is a good choice. In 2nd time i will recommanded you to try 1cp-lsd.
    Its effect is more like the trust lsd with visual and mental effect.
    Thanks chemical collective !

  52. lefapper691

    felt just right and amazing, shipment was very fast, definitely recommending these guys and most likely will become my go to choice!

  53. Xenorio

    had some small hiccups with the payment system, but after that it arrived incredibly fast after just a day. quality-wise it is what it says on the tin. over all, way better experience than with my last supplier, would definitely recommend.

  54. aurimukas

    quality stuff and fast delivery! would buy again!

  55. Gesundheit

    I bought ten tabs for me and my Friends a few weeks ago. The processing was very quick and the product arrived the day after my order. I was a little suspicious at first but all of them worked. Definitly worth it.

  56. solenyamity@gmail.com

    Very much enjoyed it

  57. Emily

    Helped me realise that I was trans and made me spend 8 hours in a nearby nature reserve. Music felt twice aslong and I could „see“ it. Would recommend

  58. J0rdan12

    1P-LSD remain the best, but this is another decent option, approved.

  59. Jessy

    Sehr Vertrauenswürdig. Es ist sehr schnell und einfach zu bestellen und die Lieferung kommt schon nach einigen Tagen. Wirkung ist super. Als kleiner Tipp für Anfänger: fasst die Pappen nur mit Latex/Gummihandschuhen an, LSD sowie auch dessen Derivate sind wasserlöslich und können einen Teil ihrer Wirkung verlieren wenn sie die Feuchtigkeit der Finger aufnehmen oder wenn man sie nicht kühl, dunkel und trocken lagert. Zudem kann das LSD-Derivat auch über die Haut aufgenommen werden und es kann zu einem ungewollten leichten Trip kommen.
    Stay save und viel Spaß 🙂

  60. spikey1gf

    Nice Stuff its worth it i buyed 5

  61. richardperlos

    Good product. I prefer 1p but this one is a great alternative

  62. ScienceMan

    Great molecule !
    I conducted a search in my laboratory with a testing subject.
    My subject isn’t familiar with this molecule family so I began one day with 75µg and my subject feels life differently, more inside, describes distortion of sensations and feels a bit nauseated.
    Some days later, he was ready for a full 150µg and he feels a real state of hard distorsions, equal nausea, but a true and interessant inner thoughts about life, introspection, visual imagination and so on.
    Definitively something interesting for someone ready to do inner research with a bit of preparation !
    Thank you very much for the order and Jessica’s touch ♥♥♥ it was a little shot of love 😉

  63. SkataStoMialo

    Ordered 2 times already, soon a 3rd time. Everything went fast and easy. Had the envelope the next day. Quality is superb. CC is the only RC shop i trust. Customer service is also super kind and caring. Can definitely recommend!

  64. byteray

    Ordered 4 times and did about 40-50 experiments so far. An absolute wonderful compound to do research with! Anybody who hasn´t tried it, missed something big in their life. It´s a truly magical and breathtaking experience to do experiments with it! Pretty much the same results as with regular LSD-25. Man I love this so much, had the time of my life!
    The visuals and mind trips are out of this world! It can take up to two hours to reach it´s full potenital (at least in my experiments), but if it finally reaches it´s fully potential…holy balls…what an experience!

    Fast and safe shipping and the customer support is superb! Really kind and funny, love you guys!

  65. Calbrador

    Easy Shipping good price and flawless product. Great Experience

  66. Jasmina Sara Engel

    I had a great experience with my boyfriend! The customer service is just awesome and it’s definitely worth the price! Thank you!

  67. insalvo

    A wonderfull research experience – and the delivery took just one day 🙂

  68. vulcano

    fantastic creation. i was mind blown about the visuals. its not about the dose, its more about understanding of the visual LSD Filter and how to use it. The 225mcg didnt give that type of visuals and thats only because i didnt understand that filter.
    150mcg is really a sweetspot for experienced psychonauts.

  69. atp174

    Delivery was fine (3~4 working days within Germany). The quality of the products is beyond the imagination. My subject had some psilocybin, MDMA, and 2C-B experiences, while none with the LSD or LSD derivatives. I had him take 75mcg for his first acid trip. He started to feel the effect after one and a half hour. and a halfHe reported that the experience was very similar to that of MDMA or 2C-B except for the duration of the lasting effect of the substance. While he experienced 3~4 hours of high with the full dose of MDMA and 2C-B, 75mcg of 1v-LSD gave him at least 12 hours of a trip with 6~8 hours of a peak. He was immensely impressed by the quality and duration of the trip. Furthermore, while he couldn’t sleep at all during and after the trip which started at 23:00, he said that the night shift didn’t give him any problem. Instead, he was energetic and mentally clear for the rest of the day.

    His second experience with this substance was taken the day after tomorrow from the first trip. Being worried about tolerance, I had him consume 100mcg. This time, the effect kicked in after 30 minutes of consumption, and the trip lasted 16~17 hours. The trip was reported to be constantly mind-blowing and full of insights. He said that the experience couldn’t be comparable not only to the first trip. but also to the other psychedelics he had taken before. He said it was a very original experience and every single second of the long-lasting trip was valuable. He is so overwhelmed by the quality of this product and is willing to continue his participation in this experiment. I’m very happy to get such a great product.

  70. philemo

    Wie immer Top! Sehr gute Forschungsergebnisse!

  71. Werbeplakat (verified owner)

    Quality of this product was always amazing. Fast delivery in about 1-2 Days ( germany – germany ) .

    Also i just have to thank you guys for your kind and great support everytime we customers have issues or questions about our orders <3

  72. wwnekoneko12 (verified owner)

    Quality is very good, delivery is fast even if DPD got quirky and it’s very well packaged aswell with a cute little card! Stronger than I thought but a humbling experience. And staff is very friendly reached to them for for help and they really really helped me out. Will definitely order again soon!

  73. Lastrono

    Very fast delivery with top quality 🙂

  74. elver (verified owner)

    Como es la primera vez que hago este tipo de compras no me fiaba mucho y hice una compra pequeña de 5blt, ahora puedo asegurar que que la pagina es 100000% fiable y profesional. Ningun problema, todo fue rapido y la atencion muy buena. Gracias!

  75. Pink_Sux

    It has a slow build up but heavy effects, especially for the first research. Will definitely keep you awake and going even after all the visual effects have worn off.

    Thank you for the fast shipping and stickers!

  76. giraulthuchet (verified owner)

    This one is my favourite, very potent.
    It can be very slow to come up.

  77. napstor (verified owner)

    It has quite a bit of body load (muscle tension) but beautiful visuals!

  78. J

    Sehr schnelle Lieferung und ausgezeichnete Qualität. Top Produkt!

  79. Michael

    Hab die Blotter nach einem Tag im Briefkasten gehabt =) Very Fast !

  80. Pampikos mpikou

    veryy nice lsd and the delivery was very quick :)))

  81. Lucasyn

    Awesome product

  82. Neuland (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, free sticker, free card. Incredibly helpful customer serivce. I’m falling in love with this site

  83. grigri74

    very good

  84. r0bi

    Order arrived fast. It did came in a medium sized envelope. The envelope contained a free sticker and an extra bag for the blotters. Quality is very good. The blotters are pretty Strong so for the first time researching i recommend a half tab.

  85. ValeriesSimp

    Good quality product. Test went very well, comparable to past tests with similar compounds. Fast shipping and the cards that come with orders are very cool!

  86. froggy (verified owner)

    A warm and beautiful product, great for research purposes. Fast shipping and great customer service as well 🙂

  87. squeaky (verified owner)

    Very clean and potent analytical sample. Strictly for testing purposes, not meant for human consumption. The subjects reacted very strongly even at 75 ug.

  88. Lisa956

    Sehr gutes Produkt. Ich konnte bisher keine Unregelmäßigkeiten in der Dosierung feststellen

  89. Nilhuse721 (verified owner)

    A beauty 😍 !!! LSD survive everything ! Very potent stuff here

  90. InVivoFrance

    Fantastic LSD!

  91. Benszedin

    Very good product for research, customer support very nice and competent.

  92. looseye

    This was my introduction to the world of psychedelics. I’m coming down from my first trip now and boy, BOY. What a night. Kinda weird promoting a drug but I think everybody should have an experience like that at least once, 5 stars!

  93. Robin1107 (verified owner)

    Creates stronger visual effects at lower dose than 1cp-LSD and on higher doses, you will get really really strong visual and mind trips and it’s also less exhausting than 1cp-LSD . Recommendable!

  94. Royale-Ghost

    Ordered 2 Times, arrived fast and secure both times and I also got some free stickers and 10% off for my next order.

    was my first drug experience other than alcohol, nicotine and weed and I love it! tried it once with 150ug with a friend and once with 75ug alone, both are great but don’t try 150ug alone. Next time I will try 225ug with some more friends and I think I’ll love it too.

    Question: Is valerie the only legal in Germany product you sell atm?

  95. Nick

    I bought 10 pcs. as trial ( i never take lsd so cant compare).
    I was wondering if its so easy to buy 1v-lsd online.
    2 Days later order arrived, 2×5 pieces with 150mcg per blot.

    We were 2 people and tried each 100mcg. It took 45min – 1 hr… it was a very strong and a very good experience! We order again, soon!

  96. Takefi1212 (verified owner)

    It took about three weeks to arrive in Japan.
    Thank goodness!

  97. Questan

    i have a Question, if i Order Quantity 2, do i get 2 Blotters and on both are 150mcg? or to i get 2 Blotters and 150mcg is splitt on both of them? ty for your answer

    Best regards

    • admin

      Hey buddy!

      Each blotter contains 150mcg of 1V-LSD, so 2 blotters contain in total 300mcg.

      I hope that answers your question 🙂


  98. Major

    I tried some Valerie in low dosage and I’ve made a very nice and beautyful expierience!
    I felt a warm and lovely feeling inside me. It kind of felt similar to the feelings I’ve had with molly but in a much more clearer and trippier way.
    I also felt a little nauseous during the expierience, but it was not uncomfortable somehow.
    I enjoyed the day with Valerie and it was a very important expierience to me.
    The feelings of love and unity I’ve had during this day were so intense.
    There wasn’t really a difference between Valerie and the classic LSD to me.

  99. SuperCookie

    Fast shipping, nice free stickers and potent as expected. Love this vendor!
    5 of 5!

  100. Samthe

    Arrived safely and sound within 5 days to Finland, the product seems to contain what was promised.

  101. Chris Saey

    The Optics are heavy on 300mcg, i love it <3

  102. Dawid

    Totaly crazy experience, would try again !

  103. Cyrill-Pascal

    Order was already there after 2 days and it has also brought very good experiences. Recommended, but do not test alone.

  104. dheerajsuvarna (verified owner)

    First time trying LSD, was an amazing experience.

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