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These are custom made A3 Chemical Collective posters designed by two wonderfully talented artists. We’re really happy with how they came out. We hope you like them too!

We wanted to offer these for free but because they can’t be shipped as letter-mail postage is quite expensive (within Europe €7.50 and outside €11), so we decided to charge just enough to cover postage costs 🙂

All merchandise is shipped separately via PostNL Untracked.

Product Name: Chemical Collective A3 Posters

IUPAC: custom-a[3]-chemical-(collective)-poster(s)


Active Ingredient(s): Sentience

Other Ingredient(s): Paper, ink, soy sauce

Custom Chemical Collective A3 Posters

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2 reviews for Custom Chemical Collective A3 Posters

  1. omar944 (verified owner)

    High quality original content, need to get a frame fore it get it before it sells out and support the artists for more to come I think. Top notch as everything here is really done so well. Its really a wholesome company that cares about all aspects of the chemistry to the knowledge to the art it brings

  2. pudisuto

    Excellent design ! Cela pourrait devenir des planches de buvards

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