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Flower Mill® Grinder

Flower Mill®│Premium Edition Herb Grinder

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Aircraft-Grade Aluminium

Food-Grade Steel

Designed in USA

Patented Technology

Never shred your herb again! Traditional grinders shred and compress bud, resulting in inconsistent, harden lump and tiny shreds of material. The Flower Mill’s patented design progressively crumbles and volumises your herb, providing a uniformly light, fluffy result that smokes better, tastes better and allows you to get more from your flower.

We are very proud to be the first European shop to be able to offer Flower Mill’s expertly engineered products to European customers!

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  • 62 mm W x 45 mm H
  • Outer Material
    Aircraft-Grade Aluminium
  • Inner Material
    Food-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Filter Screens
    Medium (Included)
  • Cleaning
    Easy Access Modular System
  • Extras
    Rotar Tool for Plate Adjustments

Grinding Vs. Milling

your dad's weed grinder flower mill chemical collective

Your Dad's old weed grinder.

  • Compressed & Inconsistent
    Traditional weed grinders shred and compress bud into inconsistent lumps of flower, leading to less flavour, enjoyment and value.
  • More Force Required
    Everyone knows how hard it can be to get that sticky herb to break up in a traditional grinder, especially when grinding larger amounts.
  • Less From More
    The inconsistent and compressed output leads to you getting less out of your bud, which over time costs you more money.
  • Difficult Cleaning
    A well-used grinder is covered in a thin film of almost-impossible to remove old flower residue, which is bad for flavour.
  • Fluffy & Consistent
    The patented milling technology consistently fluffs up and volumises the flower, for more flavour, less waste and a smoother smoke.
  • Less Force Required
    No more battling with your bud! The Flower Mill's operation is smooth and required minimal force, and is especially suited for those with arthritis.
  • More From Less
    The light, fluffy herb produced by the Flower Mill enables you get more from your bud. With less waste, it pays for itself over time!
  • Easy Cleaning
    The modular design allows you to quickly & easily take apart each piece, allowing full cleaning access to maintain the freshest flavour over time.

The ultimate in herb processing technology.


Operation & Maintenance

How do I operate my Flower Mill?

Remove the top section and insert the herb into the housing. There’s no need to break apart your herb as long as it fits comfortably into the milling chamber. The housing can be full but not so much it protrudes from the top or is compressed.

Replace the top section and apply gentle pressure while twisting in a back-and-forth motion. Listen for the sound of the top section touching the lower section signalling milling is complete.

Remove the 1/4 turn lower catch to access the light, fluffy harvest.

How do I maintain my Flower Mill?

Flower Mill® chose food grade (304) steel because of its hygienic and durable properties – the same used in kitchenware and medical devices.

However, you should still minimize dry operation. The mill was designed to operate for long periods between cleaning with a thin layer of natural flower oils and/or milling wax to reduce friction.

We recommend applying a thin layer of food-safe lubricant (Mill Wax, or similar) after cleaning to reduce friction and improve wear resistance.

How do I clean my Flower Mill?

Required cleaning items:

  • 1 x bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 1 x Container – Pro Tip: Get One With A Lid So You Can Seal Up The Alcohol inside
  • 1 x Cloth or Paper Towel
  • 1 x Toothbrush or Q-Tip

Flower Mill® has a fantastic and very clear video tutorial on the cleaning process you can view here.

Modifications & Extras

Milling Plate Kit

For the PREMIUM Grinder only

The Milling Plate kit includes four plates to allow you to swap between five sizes to fine-tune the finished milled herb to your preference. All our screens are made using food-grade (304) stainless steel, ensuring safer and more efficient processing.

You can buy the Milling Plate Kit here.

Pollen Screen

This Universal Flower Mill® Pollen Screen works with both the Premium and Standard Grinders (does not fit the Mini Grinder).

To fit the Standard grinder, first remove the ring on the base to attach it to the thread. Here’s a quick video on how to do so.

You can buy the Pollen Screen here.

Shipping, packaging & other info

Where are the Flower Mills shipped from?

We ship the Flower Mills from our Dutch office, meaning we can guarantee much quicker shipping times than if you order from the USA, and without having to pay and additional taxes or importation fees so long as you’re ordering from within the EU.

How are the Flower Mills packaged?

Each Flower Mill® comes in a sturdy and very attractive cardboard sleeve, offering great protection during transportation and a very nice way to store your Mill when not in use.

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Stephan G
5 hours ago
Very good! It couldn't be better. Like bicycles. Highly recommended. Gladly again.
18 hours ago
professionals immediate response to my payment and quick shipping
Rogelio G
1 day ago
Really good products and great customer service. ;)
Yevhenii B
2 days ago
I didn’t leave a review for a long time, because I didn’t know what I was going to work with, I was pleasantly surprised and even too surprised) the store is excellent, fast, clear and transparent)
Richard Z
2 days ago
Everything is great. Meaningful research can be only happening with high quallity chemicals. I have to say, that thanks to this company, my research got a great results. I will be ordering more for sure, we need to uncover a lot of things in our research.
Stephan G
2 days ago
4 days ago
100% trustworthy! Thank you guys!
Sergio R
4 days ago
Escribo mi reseña en español para poder expresarme con total claridad, ya que mi nivel de inglés no es muy alto. Para comenzar el servicio fue perfecto. Tardó en llegarme a Alcalá de Henares (España) tan solo 1 semana desde que realicé el pedido. La experiencia con el producto fantástica. Soy un psiconauta relativamente experto, pero es la primera vez que accedo a este tipo de productos a través de gente profesional. El viaje fue un Océano de sensaciones y percepciones únicos y maravillosos, el cual compartí con mi pareja. Nos adentramos en el bosque mientras el ácido iba haciendo su efecto sobre nosotros, resultando en una conexión extrema y placentera con la naturaleza, así como con mi compañera de viaje. Pienso repetir y volver a confiar en Chemical Collective, además de experimentar con otros productos de su catálogo
Pit F
4 days ago
5 days ago
Amazing research, thank you CC! <3
Andreas T
8 days ago
Fast delivery, impeccable service. I am happy.
8 days ago
Guys really fixed my mistake and send the order fast , so yes i have used them in the past i will use them again!Thank you team!
Vincent B
9 days ago
Very fast and effective, thx you
Roman K
9 days ago
very good resultes
Eduard C
9 days ago
I bought and everything came. Without a lie, this is the best team.
Raúl M
13 days ago
Top material very good products
13 days ago
Supberb service! 10+
Felix G
14 days ago
Every Time a great pleasure, thanks
14 days ago
Excellent shipping. High quality products.

Lots of love
from Jack, Jessica, Gigi and Matt

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