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Flower Mill® Grinder

Flower Mill®│Standard Edition Herb Grinder

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Aircraft-Grade Aluminium

Food-Grade Steel

Design in the USA

Patented Technology

Never shred your herb again! Traditional grinders shred and compress bud, resulting in inconsistent, harden lump and tiny shreds of material. The Flower Mill’s patented design progressively crumbles and volumises your herb, providing a uniformly light, fluffy result that smokes better, tastes better and allows you to get more from your flower.

We are very proud to be the first European shop to be able to offer Flower Mill’s expertly engineered products to European customers!

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  • Dimensions
    62 mm W x 45 mm H
  • Outer Material
    Aircraft-Grade Aluminium
  • Inner Material
    Food-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Filter Screens
    Fine (Included)
  • Cleaning
    Easy Access Modular System
  • Extras
    Rotar Tool for Plate Adjustments

Grinding Vs. Milling

your dad's weed grinder flower mill chemical collective
  • Compressed & Inconsistent
    Traditional weed grinders shred and compress bud into inconsistent lumps of flower, leading to less flavour, enjoyment and value.
  • More Force Required
    Everyone knows how hard it can be to get that sticky herb to break up in a traditional grinder, especially when grinding larger amounts.
  • Less From More
    The inconsistent and compressed output leads to you getting less out of your bud, which over time costs you more money.
  • Difficult Cleaning
    A well-used grinder is covered in a thin film of almost-impossible to remove old flower residue, which is bad for flavour.
  • Fluffy & Consistent
    The patented milling technology consistently fluffs up and volumises the flower, for more flavour, less waste and a smoother smoke.
  • Less Force Required
    No more battling with your bud! The Flower Mill's operation is smooth and required minimal force, and is especially suited for those with arthritis.
  • More From Less
    The light, fluffy herb produced by the Flower Mill enables you get more from your bud. With less waste, it pays for itself over time!
  • Easy Cleaning
    The modular design allows you to quickly & easily take apart each piece, allowing full cleaning access to maintain the freshest flavour over time.

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