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Free shipping over €50 & free tracked shipping over €100

Friendly customer service available 9-5pm Monday to Friday


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1V-LSD 10mcg Microdosing Pellets & 225mcg Macrodosing Pellets coming soon!

1v pellets
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Exciting news for Lysergamide lovers!! Due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce 1V-LSD will soon be available in light blue 10mcg pellets for microdosing and pink 225mcg pellets for macrodosing!! These will be the same 3mm round form factor as the incredibly popular 1cP-LSD 10mcg and 150mcg pellets. Initial pricing will be:

Screenshot 2021 08 19 at 10.32.24 300x223 1

1V-LSD 10mcg Pellets (Light blue)
14 euro – 10 pellets
25 euro – 25 pellets
43 euro – 50 pellets
78 euro – 100 pellets
180 euro – 250 pellets

Screenshot 2021 08 19 at 10.32.29 300x223 1

1V-LSD 225mcg Pellets (Pink)
56 euro – 5 pellets
92 euro – 10 pellets
185 euro – 25 pellets
320 euro – 50 pellets
590 euro – 100 pellets

Keep checking our site to get yours as soon as they’re available!

Production levels for 1V-LSD have now increased as synthesis has scaled up, which means larger amounts are now available to purchase and the 1 order per customer limit has now been lifted! A big big thanks to everyone for their pre-orders and patience while orders have been going out in batches. We’re now taking normal orders for 1V-LSD which means we’re back to our usual fast distribution times, with orders going out the day after payments have been received.

Finally – We’re happy to see initials reports from 1V-LSD have been incredibly positive, with many finding the shorter research duration a convenient feature, while still experiencing and benefiting from the classic lysergamide effects after a slightly longer onset.

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