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Sign the Petition and Help Stop the Upcoming Dutch RC Ban

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Hey guys,

As many of you have heard there is an upcoming ban proposed by the Dutch government that could effectively lead to the end of the RC scene (at least the vast majority of it).
The law would allow the government to ban entire groups of chemicals, rather than individual chemicals. I have also been informed that some members of parliament are pushing for a blanket ban, similar to the UK (I hope to get more clarification on this soon).

We have a small window of opportunity within which to help prevent this ban and push for more sensible laws that won’t simply push the market underground, leading to a more dangerous environment for everyone involved.

You can help stop or at least delay this law change by signing the petition below:


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The Ghost Party Europa
3 years ago

It´s absolutly essential, for the Intelligent Society, that some of this substances remains available for humans experience and INVESTIGATION. The ban on mushrooms is really a crime that some people commits over others. For The Ghost Party Europa, normalized “Reason” (the mind frame that developpes from “enlightment” in the XIX, XX Century, not our human normal capacity of acting or think with INTELLIGENCE) has become a big obstacle for the developpment of mankind. For the Intelligent Society, Doctrines, Dogmas, or anything. ANYTHING, are only “facts”, “info”. Some of you there will understand this ¿Are we building up quantic supercomputers and we do not expect to communicate with other REALMS of reality (the “existence” with “intention” of shamans and mistics) that operate as levels of intelligence diferent than “Materia”?
This must stop. The Intelligent Society most stop the ban. And start to ask the governments to EDUCATE.

3 years ago

when is this realistically going to happen?

3 years ago

People for freedom

3 years ago

Back off

3 years ago

Signed! Thanks for spreading the word. More people need to know about this.

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