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Pandora Magic Truffles

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Natural Product

Contains Psilocybin

Locally Grown

Shipped from The Netherlands

Do you dare to open Pandora’s box? Pandora magic truffles are among the stronger variations of sclerotia in our inventory. Pandora is a variation of the better known Hollandia truffles, which as you may know can be a pretty wild ride. Although not as strong as the Hollandia truffles, Pandora can also provide an intense trip with strong visuals and introspective thoughts.

Pandora magic truffles can provide a unique and powerful trip, you may look at them as a stepping stone up to a stronger truffle like Valhalla, before deciding to blow your head right off. We do not recommend Pandora truffles for beginners with Psilocybin!

Each pack contains 15g of Magic Truffles.

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What Are Pandora Magic Truffles?

Pandora magic truffles are naturally occurring psychedelic fungi, derived from the same organism as, you guessed it, magic mushrooms. Magic Truffles are essentially dense mycelial masses, known as sclerotia. These sclerotia grow underground beneath the mushroom, acting as a food reserve. Like magic mushrooms, magic truffles contain the active chemical Psilocybin, which is what gives it its psychedelic properties.


The Importance Of Set & Setting

Set and setting is a commonly understood term among psychonauts, but it’s hard to understate the importance of this when embarking on a psychedelic journey. 

Set refers to the state of mind you’re in prior to the experience; we recommend making sure you’re well slept, generally in a good mood and to consider doing things like meditation or journaling beforehand to clear your mind, ready for whatever might come up. 

Setting is your physical surroundings; make sure you’re in a cozy, familiar space with people that you trust. This will make all the difference in how you perceive the space around you. We recommend having a cultivated tripping playlist, either made by you or you can choose from our recommended psilocybin mixes– this will help set the tone for the perfect mushy experience.

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