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5 Amazing Playlists for Powerful Psilocybin Journeys

pcilocybin playlists relaxed man
in this article
  • The Power of Music in Psychedelic Sessions
  • Psychedelic Psychotherapy 2- Mendel Kaelen
  • Music For Mushrooms - East Forest
  • Trust - Tommi
  • Psilocybin2 - Kelan Thomas
  • Psilocybin Research: Sacred Knowledge - Bill Richards
  • Final Considerations for Your Music-Fuelled Journey

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Chemical Collective or any associated parties.

Are you planning your next psilocybin session? If you’re hoping to make it as insightful as deep as can be, then one thing that you should be considering is your choice of tunes for the journey…

The Power of Music in Psychedelic Sessions

Music is a powerful tool that can enhance and guide a psychedelic experience. The power of music in psychedelic sessions should not be underestimated; it can be the difference between a good trip and a great one.

As psychedelic music researcher Mendel Kaelen has found, music can ‘make or break the experience . One way of successfully utilizing music is through pre-made playlists.

Pre-made playlists, curated by experienced psychedelic users or guides, can guide you on a curated journey through the different stages of the experience. From calming and soothing tracks to more intense and energetic ones, music can set the mood and help deal with difficult emotions that may arise during the trip.

The major benefit of pre-made playlists is that they are hugely practical. They save you time and take the stress out of having to research and choose 5 hours’ worth of the right songs.

Playlists for specific psychedelics are timed to the duration of the journey, so all you need to do is press play when you begin, and let the playlist take you on your journey until the end. They start you gently, bring you up, and bring you back down for a gentle landing.

If your next trip is with psilocybin, or a similar analog like 4-HO-MET , and you’re in need of music for a soul-inspiring and insightful experience, here are 5 amazing playlists for your next journey, with some information about their creators and Spotify links.

Psychedelic Psychotherapy 2- Mendel Kaelen

Mendel Kaelen is a prominent figure in the world of creating playlists for psychedelic work, despite the niche nature of the field. As a neuroscientist and music enthusiast, Kaelen curated playlists consisting of ambient and neo-classical music for the psilocybin for depression study at Imperial College London, establishing himself as a leading figure in the field.

This playlist, Psychedelic Psychotherapy 2, a result of Kaelen’s research into music and psychedelic , is a classic in the psychedelic space. It was used for groundbreaking studies in treatment-resistant depression at Imperial College London.

Beautiful, deep, and cathartic. This playlist contains a wide range of incredible world music and will take you on a magnificent journey.

Music For Mushrooms - East Forest

East Forest is an American musician who crafted this album during live underground mushroom ceremonies across the United States.

Music For Mushrooms, subtitled A Soundtrack for the Psychedelic Practitioner, features a neo-ambient sound with influences and instruments from indigenous music around the world.

What sets this album apart as a soundtrack is its cohesiveness. East Forest has spoken about how he believes other therapy playlists fall short because they are often compilations of many shorter tracks, whereas his album consists of only 13 tracks that are crafted to guide and be guided by the arch of the experience.

The fact that this whole playlist is one album by a single artist allows for some long interrupted passages in the journey and gives it consistency and continuity that other playlists don’t have.

Trust - Tommi

Tommi, a mysterious user on Spotify, has curated a number of psilocybin playlists centered around different themes. These include gratitude, opening, release, trust, and inner peace.

Tommi’s playlists are an eclectic mix of ambient, neo-classical, classical, and traditional tribal music from various cultures.

What sets Tommi’s playlists apart from others is the intentional use of short periods of silence, acting as “pit stops” for listeners to re-center and breathe during the journey. Interestingly, Mendel Kaelen had also incorporated silence into the playlists for the original psilocybin studies at Imperial College London, but these nuances were lost when the playlists were converted to Spotify. Tommi’s incorporation of silence into their playlists is a noteworthy and appreciated aspect.

If you’re new to Tommi, his playlist Trust is a great place to start.

Psilocybin2 - Kelan Thomas

Kelan Thomas is a pharmacologist who has completed the California Institute of Integral Studies Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research training program. As well as authoring articles and book chapters on psychedelic science he’s contributed to psychedelic clinical trials at the University of California, San Francisco.

Like any good playlist, Psilocybin2 has a wonderful flow to it that matches the arc of the mushroom experience. It contains neo-classical and ambient music that’s typical to these playlists, and the second half is truly excellent with some beautiful pieces of music in there that lean towards feelings of the sacred and divine.

Psilocybin Research: Sacred Knowledge - Bill Richards

Bill Richards is a highly respected figure in the field of psilocybin research, having co-founded the Johns Hopkins psychedelic research team in the US. His research spans a wide range of areas, from addiction treatment to the induction of mystical experiences, and he places a strong emphasis on the role of music in supporting an individual’s psychedelic experience.

When compiling this playlist, Richards drew on years of experience with many different people to make what he considered to be the best musical choices possible . His playlist features a lot of classical music, including works by Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Brahms, as well as some upbeat and inspired choices towards the end.

If you like classical music, then look no further, this is the playlist for you.

Final Considerations for Your Music-Fuelled Journey

As you prepare for a music-fuelled journey, there are a few things to consider to ensure that your experience is successful and beneficial.

When choosing a playlist, consider your and any other journeyer’s personal preferences. Do you prefer classical music or more modern styles? Try to find a playlist that everyone can be on board with. You might check playlists out together beforehand, and you can swap out any tracks that anyone would not like to include.

You might also decide how you’ll handle the situation if you or someone in the group really doesn’t like the music. You might have a designated quiet room, a space where there is no music that anyone can go to when they’d like some peace and quiet. You might also like to agree in advance that anyone can veto a track if it is making them feel uncomfortable in a detrimental way. Or you could even listen to music through headphones on personal devices. 

After selecting a suitable playlist, take steps to ensure that your music setup does not interfere with the experience. Tech glitches are not what you want to be handling deep into your trip. 

Make sure whatever device you will be using has enough battery to last and if using Bluetooth, that the connection is reliable. Also, remember to disable any notifications that could interrupt your experience, put your phone on airplane mode, or do not disturb. Set the volume at a level that is loud enough for you to hear the music clearly and support the level of immersion you want, without it being so loud that it’s overbearing.

And remember, make sure you have a high-quality speaker or headphones to play the music through to enhance the overall experience. With these considerations in mind, you can create a truly transformative journey that is supported and enhanced by the magical power of music.

So choose your playlist, set your space, and gear up for an amazing experience!

Stay safe, journey well.

John Robertson | Community Blogger at Chemical Collective |


John is one of our community bloggers here at Chemical Collective. If you’re interested in joining our blogging team and getting paid to write about subjects you’re passionate about, please reach out to David via email at blog@chemical-collective.com

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Zuber Glitz
6 months ago

When I’m sober I listen to rap only. When I’m high rap is really scary to me, for some reason I think when listening to “The Piano Bar” playlist on spotify, that it’s the greatest music in the world. After tripping I go through my liked songs and see like 20 piano songs I’ll never listen to sober 😂

11 months ago

second one pog

1 year ago

2nd !! is the best !

Jose Mateos Cabrera
1 year ago


1 year ago

Second playlist Is best.🎧

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