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Utopia Magic Truffles

Ratings from 1 reviews

Natural Product

Contains Psilocybin

Locally Grown

Shipped from The Netherlands

The Utopia species are among the most potent magic truffles on the market. Like the Hollandia species, they take around 10 months to fully develop, which allows them to reach the peak percentage of psilocybin possible.

Utopia truffles would typically be used by a more experienced psychonaut, so if you’re new to psychedelics then maybe take it easy on these ones and start on a lower dosage to test the waters (leave it 1.5 hours before redosing!). If you’re a fully fledged psychedelic enthusiast- then enjoy your voyage to Utopia and get ready for a colourful, introspective journey.

Each pack contains 15g of Magic Truffles.

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All products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Lysergamides and Tryptamines should be kept below 20'c where possible

What Are Utopia Magic Truffles?

Utopia Magic Truffles  are naturally occurring psychedelic fungi, derived from the same organism as, you guessed it, magic mushrooms. Magic Truffles are essentially dense mycelial masses, known as sclerotia. These sclerotia grow underground beneath the mushroom, acting as a food reserve. Like magic mushrooms, magic truffles contain the active chemical Psilocybin, which is what gives it its psychedelic properties.

The Importance Of Set & Setting

Set and setting is a commonly understood term among psychonauts, but it’s hard to understate the importance of this when embarking on a psychedelic journey. 

Set refers to the state of mind you’re in prior to the experience; we recommend making sure you’re well slept, generally in a good mood and to consider doing things like meditation or journaling beforehand to clear your mind, ready for whatever might come up. 

Setting is your physical surroundings; make sure you’re in a cozy, familiar space with people that you trust. This will make all the difference in how you perceive the space around you. We recommend having a cultivated tripping playlist, either made by you or you can choose from our recommended psilocybin mixes– this will help set the tone for the perfect mushy experience.

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1 review for Utopia Magic Truffles

  1. 33pymarshmelon (verified owner)

    I’m feeling a little disappointed. I’ve split the package in half with my boyfriend and I’ve felt a little euphoric/shroomy like feeling for maybe 15 minutes, but that’s about where it all stops. We ate it on an empty stomach so we expected at least some kind of trip.
    I guess you need to eat the whole package to have a normal mushroom trip. Wouldn’t say it was bad, but it just didn’t meet our expectations :3

    • Jack

      Hi Marshmelon!

      Sorry to hear that the trip was disappointing.

      15g is generally considered a regular dose for a good trip with visuals. 7.5g is normally sufficient for a mild trip. But you should certainly feel more than subtle euphoria for 15 minutes. That sounds closer to a microdose (which is 1g).

      There are certain variables that can affect the strength of a trip, such as sleep, recent psychedelic use (some psychedelics have cross-tolerace with psilocybin), food consumption (which you already accounted for) and serotonergic medications like SSRIs.

      Even so, unless you had tripped previously within the last week (which from your comment I’m assuming you did not), you should definitely have had a stronger experience than what you described.

      If you send us an email at staff@chemical-collective.com, we’ll see if we can figure out what the issue was and hopefully we can help in some way!


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