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Thinking Outside The Box: Psychedelics, Problem-solving & Creativity

thinking outside the box
in this article
  • Introduction
  • Problem-Solving with Psychedelics
  • The Science of Pychedelics & Creativity
  • Suggestions to Increase Productivity & Creativity
  • Risks & Limitations
  • Conclusion

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Chemical Collective or any associated parties.


We are all imbued with creative energy and critical-thinking skills that allow us to bring new ideas and solutions into existence. You could say that this is a staple trait of humans and the means by which we have dominated the earth. Surely then, it deserves to be cultivated and grown to its fullest potential. 

The question then arises: What can we do when we’re stuck in the mud? 

Thinking outside the box is often the key to breaking a creative rut. Overcoming writer’s block, coming up with a business-saving strategy, completing a painting, for example. Nature has gifted us with substances that can help us to expand our dynamic thought processes to reach greater heights. In this article, we’re going to focus on augmenting problem-solving and creativity through the use of psychedelics.

We will explore problem-solving with LSD, creativity with mushrooms, and much more! Learning about the ways in which psychedelics influence our brain chemistry and thought patterns will allow users of any experience level to utilise these powerful substances to improve their well-being and improve their chances of success.

Problem-Solving with Psychedelics


Have you ever felt stuck and unable to solve a problem or escape a creative block? Psychedelics may be able to help you break free of this and help you to tap into your creative potential.

Think of your brain as a well-worn path in a forest. 

You’ve walked this path so many times that you know every turn and tree along the way. However, this familiarity can also lead to a kind of mental stagnation – you might be less likely to explore new paths or take risks because you are so used to the one you know.

Now imagine that a psychedelic experience is like a sudden downpour of rain on that path. The water washes away some of the old grooves and ruts, creating new channels and patterns. Suddenly, you have the freedom to explore new areas of the forest that you might not have considered before.

The science behind this metaphor is that:

psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin, and DMT affect the way that different parts of the brain communicate with each other.

In a normal state, our brains are wired to filter out certain stimuli and focus on others – this is what allows us to function in our daily lives without being overwhelmed by sensory input. However, this filtering can also make it difficult to think outside the box or come up with creative solutions to problems.

Psychedelics, on the other hand, disrupt these filtering mechanisms and allow different parts of the brain to communicate with each other more freely. This can lead to a state of “hyperconnectivity” where ideas and concepts that might not normally be associated with each other can come together in novel and interesting ways.

For more insight into how psychedelics can help us rewire our brains to change habits, beliefs, and biases, check out our past article here!

Thinking “outside the box” is one of the most useful facets of a psychedelic experience. Of course, there are numerous uses for taking these substances, but if you are searching for a way to stop rehashing the same critical thinking pathways in your brain, problem-solving with psychedelics might just be the key.

The Science of Pychedelics & Creativity

psyshcedelic creativity science

Psychedelics work by interacting with the serotonin receptors in the brain, specifically the 5-HT2A receptor. When psychedelics bind to these receptors, they cause a cascade of neural activity that leads to altered states of consciousness and altered sensory perception. It is often in moments of our lives when we have a perspective shift that our imagination can be free to push its limits! 

Research studies have shown that psychedelics can have a significant impact on creativity.

One study, which can be found in the National Library of Medicine, revealed that participants who were given microdoses of psilocybin showed increased creativity in a range of tasks, including visual and verbal problem-solving.  The study found that participants who received psilocybin showed significant improvements in their ability to generate novel and useful solutions to problems, compared to those who received a placebo. 

Researchers suggest that this was due to the way psychedelic mushrooms enhance cognitive flexibility and divergent thinking, allowing individuals to consider new perspectives and ideas.

So, how do psychedelics affect the brain to produce these effects? One theory is that psychedelics reduce the activity of the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for executive functions such as decision-making and planning. This reduction in prefrontal cortex activity may lead to a decrease in self-monitoring and an increase in free-flowing thought processes, allowing individuals to consider new ideas and perspectives.

Another theory is that psychedelics increase the connectivity between different regions of the brain, leading to a more integrated and holistic experience of reality. This may help individuals to make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas, leading to novel insights and solutions to problems.

Of course, it’s important to note that the effects of psychedelics on creativity can vary depending on the individual, the dose, and the setting. While some individuals may experience enhanced creativity, others may experience anxiety or paranoia, which can interfere with creative thinking.

Suggestions to Increase Productivity & Creativity

psychedelic creativity

All these science-backed claims sound both powerful and exciting, but what good are they if you can’t utilise them in your own life? Here are some actionable strategies that anyone can use to problem-solve or enhance their creativity. Some are useful during a trip, and some are most effective in the days afterward as you integrate your experience. 

Creativity with Psychedelics

If you’re looking to tap into your newfound creativity after a psychedelic experience, one idea is to try engaging in creative activities that you might not normally pursue. For example, you could experiment with different art forms like painting, drawing, or sculpting. You could also try writing poetry or composing music. By trying new creative activities, you might discover hidden talents and passions that you never knew you had.

Another idea is to use your psychedelic experience to deepen your mindfulness practice. Many people find that psychedelics can help them achieve a state of heightened awareness and presence, which can be useful for cultivating a regular mindfulness practice. This could involve meditation, yoga, or other mindful activities like walking in nature or practicing gratitude.

Finally, you could use your newfound creativity to start a new project or business venture. Maybe you’ve had an idea for a novel or a screenplay that you’ve been putting off for years. Perhaps you have a passion for starting a new business, but you’ve been too scared to take the leap. A psychedelic experience might give you the inspiration and courage you need to finally pursue your dreams.

Problem-solving with Psychedelics

This first one might be a little obvious by this point in the article. You can use a psychedelic experience to gain a fresh perspective on a problem. Sometimes, when we’re too close to a problem, it can be hard to see it from different angles. Psychedelics can help us “step back” from a problem and view it from a more objective standpoint. You could also try brainstorming different solutions to the problem while under the influence of the psychedelic.

Another idea is to use a psychedelic experience to practice visualization techniques. Visualization involves picturing a desired outcome in your mind’s eye and then working towards making it a reality. You could use your psychedelic experience to visualize different scenarios and outcomes related to the problem you’re facing. This could help you identify new solutions or approaches that you might not have considered before.

Finally, you could use your psychedelic experience to connect with others who might be able to help you solve the problem. Sometimes, we need the perspective or expertise of others to help us find novel solutions to complex problems. A psychedelic experience might help you see the problem in a different light and identify individuals or groups who could help you find a solution.

One of my favorite aspects of a psychedelic trip is how it allows me to more easily empathize and understand other people’s perspectives more. Not only does this give me more insight into the world itself, but it helps me analyze and accept the ideas of other individuals. If you are egotistical enough to think that your ideas are the only golden ones, you might need to practice a little introspection.

Risks & Limitations

psychedelics creativity risksWhile psychedelics have shown promise in enhancing creativity and problem-solving abilities, it’s important to acknowledge that there are potential risks associated with their use. It’s essential to approach the use of psychedelics with caution and responsibility, especially when it comes to their potential for misuse or abuse.

One of the main concerns with using psychedelics is the risk of experiencing overwhelming feelings of anxiety, paranoia, or fear while under the influence of the substance. This can be a traumatic experience and can potentially cause long-term psychological harm. It’s important to ensure that you’re in a safe and comfortable environment, with trusted friends or a trained professional present to help guide you through the experience.

Another potential risk is the possibility of triggering underlying mental health issues. While psychedelics have shown potential in treating mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, they can also exacerbate existing mental health conditions in some individuals. It’s important to speak with a healthcare professional before using psychedelics, especially if you have a history of mental health issues.

There is also a risk of developing tolerance and dependence on psychedelics, which can lead to increased use and potential addiction. It’s important to use psychedelics responsibly and in moderation and to take regular breaks from use to prevent tolerance and dependence from developing.

Harm Reduction and Common Sense

To minimize the potential risks associated with using psychedelics for creativity and problem-solving, it’s important to practice harm reduction techniques. This includes starting with a low dose, staying hydrated, and avoiding mixing substances. It’s also important to only use psychedelics in a safe and comfortable environment, with trusted friends or a trained professional present to provide support and guidance.

It’s essential to approach the use of psychedelics with respect and responsibility. Psychedelics are powerful substances that can have both positive and negative effects on the mind and body. 

While they have shown potential in enhancing creativity and problem-solving abilities, it’s important to approach their use with caution and care. By practicing harm reduction techniques and seeking guidance from experienced professionals, individuals can use psychedelics in a responsible and safe manner.


psychedelic creativity

While the scientific studies are finally beginning to reveal what psychonauts have suspected for years, it may have already seemed clear to you how psychedelics could be a great catalyst for creativity and problem-solving. If you have experience with problem-solving with LSD, creativity with mushrooms, or anything similar, you understand how powerful this can really be!

In the modern world, many people are looking for new and novel ways to expand their minds. Some are chasing knowledge and solutions, others are chasing beautiful experiences and unleashed imagination. Luckily, psychedelics are so dynamic that they can provide both and much, much more.

Landon Mickelson | Community Blogger at Chemical Collective

Landon is one of our community bloggers here at Chemical Collective. If you’re interested in joining our blogging team and getting paid to write about subjects you’re passionate about, please reach out to David via email at blog@chemical-collective.com

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Sehr interessanter Artikel. Man sieht an Beispielen wie Steve Jobs, dass die Kreativität hiervon maßgeblich beeinflusst werden kann

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Just play some Guitar that he May start to sing , dont forget to recorder .

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