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Poker Pipe│Handmade Pipe by SCHMAUCH®

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Black Walnut


Other Details:

Handmade Product

Made in Germany

Shipped Separately

If you’re looking for a classy and compact pipe, which is easy to clean and smooth to smoke, the Poker Pipe is exactly right for you. A timeless, classic design.

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  • Dimensions
    10 cm L x 5 cm W x 3 cm H
  • Chamber diameter
    14mm for 15mm screens
  • Filter Chamber
    For 8-9mm thick filters
  • Extras
    Five extra filters and two screens
  • Carry bag
    Organic cotton SCHMAUCH® bag

What people are saying about SCHMAUCH®

This is absolutely beautiful, well crafted, and is made of such high quality materials! This truly is a high-end masterpiece that will add so much to your smoke sessions! - MillyJaksha

This item is top quality. My husband loves it. I did buy additional filters and pieces for him since it was a gift. What is nice is he can choose the amount he wants, and he loves how cleanable and easy to use it is. - Christina S.

Simply a brilliant piece of "connoisseur's time". It has a touch of extravagance and is great to clean due to its simple but ingenious design. - AranYam

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