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“Old Pothead”│Spiral pipe Handmade by SCHMAUCH®

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Black Walnut



Other Details:

Handmade Product

Made in Germany

Shipped Separately

A Beautifully handcrafted steampunk inspired pipe featuring an eye-catching 50 cm long coiled cooling pipe and three hand-turned walnut chambers.

The smoke first passes through the activated carbon filter before entering the cooling coil and finally the mouthpiece. Due to the long path of the cooling pipe, the draw is characterized by a slightly higher resistance – and of course exceptionally cool, mild smoke and flavourful smoke.

There are two wood (walnut, oak) and metal (brass, copper) options for this piece. Please specify in the order notes which combination you would like.

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  • Dimensions
    10 cm L x 4 cm W x 4 cm H
  • Chamber diameter
    13 mm for 15 sieves, depth 15 mm
  • Wood option one
  • Wood option two
  • Metal option one
  • Metal option two
  • Cooling coil length
    50 cm
  • Integrated carbon filter
  • Extras
    5 extra filters, 2 extra screens, cleaning tool
  • Carry bag
    Organic cotton SCHMAUCH® bag

What people are saying about SCHMAUCH®

This is absolutely beautiful, well crafted, and is made of such high quality materials! This truly is a high-end masterpiece that will add so much to your smoke sessions! - MillyJaksha

This item is top quality. My husband loves it. I did buy additional filters and pieces for him since it was a gift. What is nice is he can choose the amount he wants, and he loves how cleanable and easy to use it is. - Christina S.

Simply a brilliant piece of "connoisseur's time". It has a touch of extravagance and is great to clean due to its simple but ingenious design. - AranYam

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