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1D-LSD – The Ultimate Guide

1d-lsd molecule dream subjective effects
in this article
  • What is 1D-LSD?
  • How does 1D-LSD work?
  • What can you expect from 1D-LSD?
  • Dosage and duration
  • Subjective 1D-LSD effects
  • My 1D-LSD trip report
  • Closing thoughts from Nervewing
  • Legality and Availability

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Chemical Collective or any associated parties.

What is 1D-LSD?

It seems there is an endless game of NPS laws written to suppress the structures of lysergamides, then met by yet another design that circumvents those laws. With 1D-LSD, we begin to see how exotic that design can become – a brilliant structure that suggests that the LSD prodrug design series cannot ever be contained, and that just about any imaginable substitutions can still provide active molecules.

1D-LSD is short for 1-Dimethylcyclobutanoyl-LSD. The naming convention is the same for the series of 1-substituted LSD analogues that share a similar pharmacokinetic profile – where we see such compounds as 1P, 1cP, 1B, or 1V- LSD. All of these molecules have a structure called a carbonyl group attached to the 1-position of the LSD molecule, this position being a nitrogen atom that forms a structure reminiscent of the tryptamine molecule within the LSD molecule.

The carbonyl group is a carbon bonded to an oxygen with any variation of carbon atoms proceeding after it. In 1P-LSD, this is a propanoyl group: three carbons and an oxygen; in 1V-LSD it is a five carbon valeroyl group. These are simple chains of carbons, all are known to be active, and logical molecular design suggests that you can get similar effects by just continually extending that special carbon chain. 1D-LSD is a radical design that places an uncommon ring structure, the dimethylcyclobutanoyl group, in that position. And despite this being so far removed from those tried and true simple carbon chains, it is still remarkably active – and not just active but quite potent!

A side by side comparison of 1D-LSD, 1V-LSD and 1P-LSD molecular structures.

How does 1D-LSD work?

1D-LSD shares many similarities with its cousin molecules, but has some interesting modifications that we will explore here. For example – what is the significance of the 1-carbonyl substitution on the LSD molecule? Well, first we must learn the idea of a prodrug- A prodrug is a molecule that may not be an active substance in its own right, but the human body will consistently metabolize it into another active drug, that then goes on to exhibit effects on the mind and body.

It has been demonstrated that any 1-carbonyl substitution on the LSD molecule simply serves as a prodrug to LSD. In other words, upon ingestion of the 1-substituted LSD analogue, your body will convert the molecule to LSD, which will then enter your brain. An interesting phenomenon has been observed from this- on paper these 1-substituted LSD analogues should all yield a fairly standard LSD experience, but many users report a distinct character to each different compound.

Is this just the power of suggestion, and differences in set and setting, or is there some other quality of these molecules that lends them each a unique experience, even though the end result in the body is the same? There is as of yet no consensus, and that is for the individual user to discover! But for now, there is another such molecule on the scene for us to enjoy: 1D-LSD!

It should be noted that while these 1-substitution variations on the molecule do not seem to affect the neurological action much, the physical metabolic effects can lead to an array of changes in potency and duration between them. 1D-LSD appears to be the most potent of this series so far.

What can you expect from 1D-LSD?

1D-LSD 150mcg Blotters
A very up close and personal image of two 1D-LSD 150mcg Blotters against a backdrop of black paper.

Disclaimer: Molecules can be very subjective! One should not fully expect any of these effects, and the nature of the experience can vary wildly due to set and setting. This is just reporting some common threads among the few reports of this compound that exist.

Flavour: While the old adage is that if a tab is bitter, it is likely some sort of non-lysergamide research chemical, 1D-LSD has the unique distinction of actually being a lysergamide with a bitter flavour! So long as the tabs are properly labelled from a trusted source, this is no cause for alarm!

Dosage and duration

Dosage: The standard marketed dose of 150 µg 1D-LSD has proven to be quite intense, and we suggest that users start lower than that (though more experienced users have taken much higher doses without issue). 1D-LSD is by far the most potent of the 1-substituted lysergamides, nearing in potency to LSD itself (and it turns out most LSD people encounter is dosed much lower than what they are told). Caution should be exercised when exploring this one- I and others found the standard 150 µg dose to be quite intense, and it may be a bit much for beginners.

Duration: 1D-LSD has a standard long duration like many lysergamides, with an onset of about 30 minutes. A long, drawn-out peak can last anywhere from 6-8 hours, with the comedown bringing the total duration to about 10-13 hours.

Subjective 1D-LSD effects

1d-lsd molecule dream subjective effects

In terms of subjective effects, as another prodrug to LSD, the effects from 1D-LSD can be expected to be very similar. Certain themes can be pulled from a few of the existing reports on the compound:

  • Music Appreciation: Several users reported profound music appreciation.

Brian G reported:

I went out into the kitchen and had my stereo as loud as it could go. I started crying tears of joy as the guitar solo was magnificent. As I was wiping the tears from my eyes, I looked out my front window and saw my neighbour walking her dog, she had stopped in front of my house and was enjoying the same solo as I was, or at least that is what I told myself.”While Mario W reported:“I will now put on some music and see where the ride gets me. Like all the other LSD analogues, music is greatly enhanced and overall a very pleasant experience.

  • Synesthesia: in hand with the music appreciation, other users reported profound synesthesia.

An anonymous user reported:

While listening to Third – Hiatus, I probably had the most amazing synaesthetic experience ever. I could basically see the music floating in my room right before me and it was beyond beautiful. Like a 3D Windows media player visualization but 3000 times more amazing. This music was just made to be listened to on acid, no doubt about that. Every single drop burnt right into my deepest inner self, while those fine lines of music were floating right above me. I could feel and see every nuance, every delayed drop and fade-off. After that I listened to Gajumara from Yaima and holy shit, this hit deep. When the singer started to sing, her face appeared right above me, while her voice was floating as a fine line around. I listened to the lyrics and that hit deep.

  • Visual Effects: While visual effects can vary widely between individuals, several users report “wavy” visuals.

Mario W reports:

Coming up really hard right now, big body load, euphoria and some wavy optics start to happen.

While an anonymous user reported:

There wasn’t a single straight line in my vision, but I was still pretty in control of my surroundings. Except managing my hi-fi-system proved to be a little challenging.

  • Euphoria: Many users report a fantastic euphoric experience.

Speaking from my own experience, I found the trip to be nostalgic, full of laughs, and warmth with my friends, even despite some adverse physical circumstances.

Mario W Reports:

I’m in a good mood and very euphoric! I’d say my headspace is pretty tame, I can think relatively straight.

‘Spider Man’ Reports:

General feeling is much more euphoric than other analogues, but maybe I just had a euphoric day, will need to try again to confirm. Thinking about old vs. new music.

  • Insight/Introspection: Many users report introspection with this compound, leading them to profound thoughts and new insights.

‘Spider Man’ Reports:

Thinking about a lot of stuff, thinking about work too. Thinking about my friends and why most of them just like to sit at home and do nothing… I realise how much I procrastinate on everything and thinking of getting this long overdue ADHD assessment done, that I have been procrastinating on for a long while lol. Do a bit of mindfulness.

  • Nausea: Several reporters including myself mentioned a higher degree of nausea relative to other lysergamides from this experience. This can be mitigated through anti-nausea medications, or by chewing fresh ginger root or consuming a beverage with real ginger juice.

My 1D-LSD trip report

Speaking from my own experience, I found the trip to be nostalgic, full of laughs, and warmth with my friends, even despite some adverse physical circumstances.

My emotions are raw and I feel sensitive, not in an anxious vulnerable way but in a way of comfort and acceptance in being among deeply familiar company… I am content to let it overtake me and crawl about me, I am happy to submit myself to the drug in public, so long as I can still walk and appear normal. I take in so much of what is around me, my thoughts circle back on themselves, and analyze themselves, leaving me in a half-attentive daze as I move. And yet so many beautiful things from the world stick out to me, one particular graffiti tag, the colour of a car briefly contrasted with the bridge it drives under, a brief flare of music from another passing car, it is a world of ornate details and I am blessed to just walk by gathering theses sensations in my wake.

We sit on a pile of railroad ties at the end of the line. We’re all laughing and joking now about God knows what. We’re all cracking up, I am laughing until tears are streaming down my face. Always such a good feeling on psychedelics, always glad to have humour in an experience

Rain is coming down in curtains, the streets are aglow with neon lights and reflected puddles, bright lights illuminate the markets and storefronts as the rain cascades off their awnings in glowing glassy beams. We are instantly soaked to the bone, we trudge forth, all we can do is laugh at how ridiculous our circumstances are

You can read my full trip report here.

Closing thoughts from Nervewing

All in all, 1D-LSD is a powerful new lysergamide that has the potential to be very intense and rewarding! As with any new compound, it is recommended that it is explored with caution and treated with respect, but users may find themselves to be very satisfied with the results.

Legality and Availability

You can buy 1D-LSD from us here at Chemical Collective. We ship 1D-LSD domestically within Germany and Czechia. We also ship throughout the rest of Europe (to anywhere it is legal), from our Dutch office.

Disclaimer: We will do our best to list legal information regarding 1D-LSD’s status throughout the EU, but please understand that laws are subject to change and this list might be inaccurate or outdated, so it’s essential you do your own research to ensure you follow the laws in your local jurisdiction.

Globally, the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances doesn’t include 1D-LSD on its scheduled list. The compound resides in a legal grey zone in several nations, indicating that although it isn’t explicitly outlawed, possession can result in prosecution under certain conditions, such as with analogue laws or intent for sale or consumption.

In the UK: The Psychoactive Substance Act, effective from May 26, 2016, renders the production, distribution, or importation of 1D-LSD illegal.

In the US: Given that 1D-LSD can potentially be deemed an LSD precursor, possession or distribution may be liable to legal action under the Federal Analogue Act.

If you’re unsure of the legal status of 1D-LSD in your area, please make sure to read up on your local laws before placing an order. We do our best to restrict shipping accordingly, but it’s almost impossible to stay totally up to date with all laws at all times.

Nervewing | Community Blogger at Chemical Collective

Nervewing is one of our community bloggers here at Chemical Collective. If you’re interested in joining our blogging team and getting paid to write about subjects you’re passionate about, please reach out to David via email at blog@chemical-collective.com

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9 months ago

Nice article, great.

9 months ago

I’ll try it.

9 months ago

To the people who suffer from depression, anxiety and ptsd: I’m one of you guys AND my first, second, third etc…. trip was SO lifechanging that I dont “have” symptoms of my diagnosis. ^^

9 months ago

Thank you very much, it was a very interesting and useful article.

10 months ago

Four times have I dared to explore this extraordinary experience. The first time, I ingested a quarter of that captivating substance, awakening with a vibrant and joyful spirit, nothing more. The second attempt, half of it consumed, kept me awake throughout the night, as the cosmic dance enveloped my senses.

Yet, it was the pinnacle of this remarkable journey that unfolded during the third chapter when I embraced two and a half of those enchanting tabs, and my inner self seemed to dissolve gradually. Profoundly reliant on the company of fellow souls, an inherently pleasant encounter unfolded, as my gaze, after a few minutes, soared skyward, lifting me above a medieval city. There, in fast-forward, a majestic cathedral emerged, an artwork of the ages.

In that moment of realization, I gathered my senses and returned to clarity. The experience proved malleable, as if whispers of influence played in my mind. Amidst a conversation, I deciphered the fabric of reality, questioning whether it was all but an illusion before me. A friend, perhaps only playfully, cast a smile, and with that glimmer, the boundaries of my self blurred with reality, uncertain of its authenticity. An earnest plea for her to forsake irony breathed new life into the journey, resplendent in the full glow of positivity.

During the fourth time, when I consumed one and a half of these rare doses (225mcg), my senses danced with effects akin to the previous encounter, yet without the intensity of hallucinations and loss of reality. Along a narrow path on a slope, the surroundings seemed a moving jungle, an unceasing yet graceful encounter. Yet, unexpectedly, below with my fellow travelers, I found myself amidst a torrential rain, suddenly fraught with agitation and stress. A fleeting moment of retreat paved the way for a return to inner composure, and harmony was restored. The plants swayed gently, as a friend shared an image of a fish amidst lush greenery, and I erred, mistaking it for a video depicting plants serenely swaying in water, though it was merely a still image.

This remarkable yet profound experience granted me insights into the openness of my soul, revealing its vulnerability, reminding me to share it only with trusted souls. A cosmic journey, where one opens up to the fascinating mysteries of the universe, but chooses beloved companions to accompany them on this ethereal quest.

Lily Pict
10 months ago

I loved leading this article, even though I’m not a beginner with this drug. I have the habit of reading everything I come across about this subject, especially the trip reports are always enjoyable as they give me the chance to compare them to my own experiences. From my own experiences I can say that this type of LSD feels exactly like the usual type (at least to me). It took a longer time for me to kick in, but that might be because of a medication I had to take at the time. All in all I hope to read much more of this kind of enjoyable content!😊

alfredo francisco calvete seijo
10 months ago

Pueden enviarme un pedido a España

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