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Can Psychedelics Promote a Deeper Connection to Nature?

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in this article
  • Introduction
  • Early Humans and Connection to Nature
  • Alienation From Nature
  • Psychedelics and Perception of Nature
  • Long Term Effects
  • Benefits of a Deeper Connection to Nature
  • Conclusion

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Chemical Collective or any associated parties.


It is not unusual for people who are in contact with psychedelics to also have a deeper connection to nature. I count myself in this group of people and I am sure that my connection to nature will continue to grow through my continued psychedelic experiences.

Even Albert Hofmann, the father of LSD, was a lover of nature and had the feeling of oneness with the natural world when taking it. He said:

Through my LSD experience and my new picture of reality, I became aware of the wonder of creation, the magnificence of nature and of the animal and plant kingdom. I became very sensitive to what will happen to all this and all of us.

I often wonder if everyone who uses psychedelic substances feels such a connection to mother earth, even if many people just use these substances to have a good time.

In this article I will discuss the link between psychedelics and our closeness to nature, how we humans have lost our connection to the natural world over time and if it’s possible to develop this kind of connection again. 

Furthermore I will go deeper and discuss what happens with the mindset and mental health of those experiencing oneness with nature.

Early Humans and Connection to Nature

In earlier times, people had a necessarily deeper connection to nature as it was literally their home. They had to know which plants they could eat and which ones would make them ill. They had a deeper, spiritual connection to it, a feeling of oneness and security. Nature for them was good energy. They used their power to heal and reconnect with the universe and themselves. 

Indigenous nations used certain plants for ceremonies to have spiritual experiences. The Aztecs and Maya saw and used psilocybin mushrooms as the “flesh of the gods” and mescaline-containing peyote-cactus was used for religious ceremonies across multiple cultures.

The usage of psychedelics served to allow people to have deeper insights into the universe, nature and the self. For them, everything was connected.

Alienation From Nature

Due to evolution and especially industrialization, we have mostly lost the meaning and the importance of mother earth, which the universe has given us. Different things are more important nowadays – like having a job, earning money, building cities, homes, families etc. 

The lack of time forces us to spend less time in nature and so it is more difficult for people to really feel a deep connection. 

This is not the case for everyone, but the majority of people on earth can surely relate to this. It may be possible that a lot of people like to spend time outdoors, but don’t really know what it means to be a part of this beautiful kingdom. 

We can see it everywhere in the world: people destroy nature for their homes, to grow food, to make money. Trash is laying on the ground, even in the middle of nowhere.

Many people no longer have respect for the environment.

Humanity as a whole, while me might think about the consequences, we still fail to act upon them, because other things are more important. Isn’t nature and the preservation of it one of the most important things we should focus on? Without nature we are literally unable to live. But our appreciation for it is largely lacking.

Children are far more likely to watch TV or play video games instead of going outside.

This can be a huge problem, because this behavior will be passed on from generation to generation. 

Luckily, despite this collective disconnection there are still people who appreciate nature and recognise its importance. I count myself in this group.

Psychedelics and Perception of Nature

Psychedelics change our perception of ourselves and the wider world.

Our awareness of the whole is expanded.

Colors are more intense. Structures are more detailed. Smell, taste and sound are heightened. All senses are intensified.

So when in nature, you perceive the influences in a different, more intense way. You not only see the whole of the forest, the sea, the ocean etc. But you perceive the very small things. It’s like you have an eagle eye.

You get lost in the colors or structures of nature. You get a glimpse of the small things that happen on the ground, on trees or in the water.
The view of the sky, the clouds, the stars and the moon.

Everything seems almost overwhelmingly beautiful and meaningful.

This can lead to a deep appreciation and sensitivity to nature as one becomes very directly aware of its complexity.

It is not only our senses which are influenced, but also our inner world and thoughts.

A dreamlike experience, with a mental clarity we struggle to experience on a day-to-day basis.

The brain is activated as a whole. Areas which are usually unconnected link together, which can lead to sudden revelations and lead people to look at things and the whole world differently. Selfish patterns are broken and sometimes completely disappear and this powerful sense of oneness arises. Unity with nature and everything around us. Magic mushrooms for example, are well-known to promote a sense of merging with nature and often the complete dissolution of the ego and sense of self.

Long Term Effects

It is not unusual for the mind-expanding effects of psychedelics to have a long-term influences.

No matter if the experience was good or bad – there is always a lesson that comes with it. 

This is why psychedelics are also beginning to be used for the treatment of some mental illnesses, as patterns of behaviour and established attitudes to life are more prone to change.

Psychedelic experiences promote the lived experience that everything in this universe is connected. This individual, spiritual insight can lead to a greater perception of the connection between humans and nature. This often continues after the experience itself has concluded.

The spiritual aspect of these experiences deepen the sense of oneness with all that is. The personal development that comes with consciousness expansion plays a role in the day-to-day awareness of the whole. 

All of these effects can ensure that our bond with nature is strengthened. Even people who have become fully alienated from nature can overcome this alienation and develop a deep appreciation and love for our environment.

Benefits of a Deeper Connection to Nature

A deep connection to nature triggers a lot more than a conscious link with the environment.  Spending time outside, whether this be out of oneself, or actively out in the natural world can reduce stress and increase general wellbeing. There are an increasing number of studies showing that contact with nature increases self-esteem and reduces anxiety and depression.

Nature is an inspiring environment, which encourages creativity and creative thinking. The ability to concentrate is increased and mental fatigue is reduced. For the environment, an active mental closeness to nature is the most important characteristic. 

A method by which you can develop a stronger awareness of wider environmental problems and sustainable practices.

When you feel a strong connection, you are more motivated to take action.


This article illustrates the link between psychedelic experiences and the connection to nature. It is possible that these experiences can recreate a lost or non-existent connection. Even people who already have an appreciation for the natural world can develop an even deeper sense of oneness with nature and all that is. 

If people are open-minded to such experiences, it stands to reason that they are also open to experiencing things like deep and meaningful spiritual connections which often come with the feeling of oneness.

It is a fact that people see the world through different eyes during and after tripping.

However, it should be emphasized that psychedelic trips are highly subjective and dependent on the individual. So, while these experiences and effects I have discussed are common, and well documented throughout history, to the modern day – not everyone will necessarily come out of a trip with a greater connection to nature.

Vanessa Stern | Community Blogger at Chemical Collective |

Vanessa is one of our community bloggers here at Chemical Collective. If you’re interested in joining our blogging team and getting paid to write about subjects you’re passionate about, please reach out to David via email at blog@chemical-collective.com

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Zuber Glitz
5 months ago

I definitely prefer being outdoors, I feel trapped inside when tripping. No matter what time it is or how cold it is outdoors feel so much better to me.

8 months ago

Hello everyone! I really enjoyed this article and share this view. I’m 48 now, the first time I took LSD I was around 14 or 15 (which is really a thing I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, as the brain is still developing and all sorts of things can happen…and even if nothing dramatic happens, it can’t be good for your health when you’re still a developing human being), which I would call WAY TOO YOUNG to experiment like this.
But I had my reasons, and I felt that if nobody was going to help me anyway, I might as well try to help myself and at the same time going on my quest to the answers to my questions. I suffered from depression, panic attacks, nightmares, social anxiety at times, and had a very hard time concentrating at school. To cut a long story short: I had mood swings, ups and downs, the marks in school were the very same way. Some people in school even thought I had a twin sister because they thought I was 2 or 3 different people, depending on the day, stress level or social situation. (Well, they weren’t completely wrong, I’ve got a few mental problems that weren’t yet diagnosed at the time).
When I asked my GP for help for the first time, I was just 12. I 2as hoping he could give me advice, medication, or at least tell me where I could apply for a therapy, or what I could do if I wanted to see a psychiatrist.
But the doctor was already a fairly old gentleman at the time, and his advice was what a lot of people hear in this situation,
“Drink lots of water, go for long walks and see that you’ll get enough sleep.” That’s all good and healthy but it won’t help you if you dread going to sleep because of horrible nightmares.
After trying Valeria, St.Johns’s worth and many other herbal tablets, teas, etc, I decided to try out LSD because I knew that my father used to take it a lot when he was young. My cousin was a Shaman, and he agreed with the hints I found in literature about Native American Shamans and other medicine people from all over the world, throughout the ages up until scientists of our time who wanted to do more research because there seemed to be signs of evidence that psychedelics might help improve people’s mood when they suffered from depression.
I was a little bit nervous the first time, but I saw it as an adventure. A friend of mine was my “sitter”, and we went outside in the big park along the river. We started early in the morning, just before the summer school holidays, in the Japanese garden area. It was a wonderful, relaxing and liberating experience. And the strangest thing was that I ended up being my friend’s trip sitter.
During the trip we walked, talked and also did a lot of artwork like painting and writing while listening to music.
That experience stayed with me a long time, and I still remember it vividly. My depression slowly improved, and for the first time in ages I had a nice dream again. I never looked back ever since. Even though I was once prescribed medication for my condition(s), I never like them because they made me like a zombie, from Anafranil,Atosil, over Lithium and Prosac, Lyrica, down to Xanax, nothing helped me as much (if 5hose pills helped at all because some medication made me worse, I would have real “fits”, dissociative phases where I didn’t know what I was doing or who I was, often waking up 5 point fixated in the children’s psych ward) as psychedelics. I could reconnect with nature, I discovered in what direction I had to develop my talent and understood more and more fascinating things of the world.
Setting is important, a good, trustworthy trip sitter is good to have, but also being relaxed and maybe some of you can agree with me: your mind does not only have to be in the right “set”, it is also part of your setting, the setting inside of you. Part of my “disability” (I’ve got a disability pass for real because of my mental diagnosis) is that I’ve got “worlds” existing in my mind, lives, personalities outside, inside and an infinite amount of stories, adventures, quests and places in different time periods. I badly needed these worlds and friends inside of me when I was small, when things were bad, when I was in hospital and couldn’t move. All I could do is stare at the ceiling or out the window and go inside of me.
Today I’m glad that I am the way I am because it made me survive real bad times. I don’t hate myself anymore, even though I don’t love myself either….but I like myself, I’m ok the way I am because what appeared as a disability first turned out later to be part of an inherited talent to be able to help people. My cousin the Shaman taught me a lot for 13 years before he died. And psychedelics helped me, they were one of the things that improved my live tremendously. I wish everyone peace, love, healing and patience…not only with others but also with ourselves. Let’s hope that the evil in this world won’t destroy us all with all the fighting and wars that are going on, I have one request to ask everyone of you: if you’re religious: pray for peace and love , no matter what religion you are…please just a few minutes over the course of a day…and if you’re spiritual, please try to meditate, focusing on love and peace for everyone in this world. Even if you’re an Atheist: maybe you can once or twice a day mediate between people who are arguing, or help out someone with a little gesture, like carrying an old persons shopping bags.
I believe and I know for sure, I’m 100% certain that every positive emotion, like compassion, love, or even just a smile, or making someone smile: it can go a long way, spread, multiply, cross borders of languages and countries. Because we all have to start with ourselves. That means not pointing the finger at someone. Like Jesus taught people how to convince people to do the right thing:
Do stuff yourself that is good for your neighbour, and it will return full circle to you when you need it.
We live in weird times, I will meditate, pray and even go as far as lighting incense for Fairies and extraterrestials/ interdimensional beings, asking for assistance to help us save this planet from war and total destruction. It costs nothing, and because I know what the human brain can do (you would be amazed at the experiments I did), I know we all can make a difference. Much love to you all, from Ireland & Germany
Lily the Pict 👍🇮🇪💖🍀🌹😍🤗🌠🌌✨

Maxim Polosow
8 months ago

since i started taking psychdelics i feel extremly connected to everything around me.

Dilan Cezik
8 months ago

Thats an interesting perspective. I‘d never think of that.

8 months ago

I can fully identify with this article, good work.

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