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Important information for our German customers: NpSG ban, final orders and what’s next?

in this article
  • The NpSG revision is confirmed
  • Q: When will you stop shipping products covered by the NpSG revision to Germany?
  • A safe date for final German orders of 1cP-LSD, 1cP-AL-LAD and Dissociatives
  • What's next?
  • Thank You

The NpSG revision is confirmed

Für den deutschen Artikel gehen Sie HIER

It’s official – we now know the German Federal Council will discuss and vote on the NpSG revision on FRIDAY 25TH JUNE. Once it passes, it will be written up, checked by the Federal President, then published in the Federal Gazettebringing it into law the day after it is published. 

It is unclear how long it could take to be published in the Gazette. Based on previous amendments, some believe this process will take around 2-3 weeks, which means the NpSG revision will become law sometime in mid July. However this time frame is not a certainty and it may be published sooner!

Once it comes into law, all 1cP-LSD products, 1cP-AL-LAD and all Arylcyclohexylamine Dissociatives will become illegal in Germany.

Q: When will you stop shipping products covered by the NpSG revision to Germany?

A: We will continue shipping orders until the NpSG revision is published in the Federal Gazette

As soon as the NpSG is published in the Federal Gazette, we will no longer be able to accept orders from Germany for all 1cP-LSD products, 1cP-AL-LAD and all Arylcyclohexylamine Dissociatives

Please be aware that there will be very little notice as to when this will happen. We will be checking the Gazette daily HERE from June 25th and advise all our German customers to do the same.

A safe date for final German orders of 1cP-LSD, 1cP-AL-LAD and Dissociatives

Many of our German customers have been asking for a guaranteed safe date for them to place their final orders of 1cP-LSD and Arylcyclohexylamine Dissociatives such as 2-FDCK, leaving plenty of time for processing and shipping before the NpSG revision comes into law.

This is a difficult question to answer due to the uncertainty as to how long it will take for the revision to be written into the Federal Gazette, bringing it into law. All things considered, we believe MONDAY 28TH JUNE represents the safest date for our more cautious German customers to place their final orders to ensure they are delivered legally and without any issues.

As stated before, many believe the NpSG will not be published in the Federal Gazette until mid July and we will continue shipping to Germany until this happens. This means we will most likely continue to ship orders after Monday 28th June, however there will be a chance that we can not fulfil them if the NpSG is published soon after receiving them.

Any orders we are not able to fulfil will be cancelled and refunded.

What's next?

The honest answer is no one knows. New novel substances will always be created, just as they have done for the past 100 years. With the growing popularity of lysergamides and widespread realisation of their true potential, the field is growing at an exponential rate, with new compounds being discovered all the time.

It’s anyone’s guess whether or not there will be new compounds that will be legal in Germany after the NpsG revision but rest assured, if there are, we will do our best to continue to supply the best quality products in the best possible way to our German community.

Thank You

Lastly, we would like to say a big thank you to all our German customers. We get a lot of kind messages every day and it really means a lot to see that people appreciate the extra hard work we put in to make sure that every single order is a great experience.

It’s been wonderful to see our community grow and we hope this is the start of something beautiful in Germany. This isn’t the end, but another beginning!!

From all of us at Chemical Collective – Hoffentlich auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen!

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1 year ago

I hope the new coalition government is more respectful of our individual liberties. ‘Man has no liberty in man.’

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Mykhailo L
1 day ago
On time, discreet packaging, overall 5* experience
Manuel C
1 day ago
Allí perfect
Dominik G
1 day ago
The delivery was very fast an the acid is good.
schmitt m
1 day ago
Unfortunately I have to give one star otherwise I can't send a review. I have received my first order. This amounted to around 100 euros. As a result, I placed a second order for almost 400 euros. Of course this was not sent and my x complaints were only answered with. there were difficulties.order 145400 is run dry ? scammer keep away
1 day ago
order 145061, I placed the order on 09/12, it is 09/22 and my order has still not shipped, no response from after-sales service.
1 day ago
Great stuff, idk what else to say.
John R
2 days ago
very happy
2 days ago
the service is the last. dubious and fraudulent site. I've been waiting a week for my order number 145400. When I asked, the only response I got was blah blah. tracking number doesn't work. all fake and prefabricated praise for the site. outrageous to say i like the service!!
Simon F
2 days ago
The delivery was discreet and very fast and safe delivered. I'd order again.
Nikolas A
3 days ago
Oleg W
3 days ago
simply the best! will buy again.
Jo W
4 days ago
Great great service, great product. Why go anywhere else?
Bartosz G
4 days ago
To be honest, really exceeded my expectations. The customer service is excellent, the website is beautiful and easy to navigate, the delivery time was great and the whole process of purchasing feels intuitive and clear. The products are also of impeccable quality. It's clear that the people running this service are passionate about research and amazing at what they're doing! I will definitely be a returning customer!
loison t
4 days ago
4 days ago
Noémie G
7 days ago
I ordered and payed for 5 1cp-lsd blotters, and only received 2 of them. The forms to make a complaint seemed to do not work. Nethertheless, good quality products.
Mathieu B
8 days ago
Hello, nice products like usual except Pink paillette arrive completely broken for 2 of them .... Maybe you can do something about the packaging ? and resend the 2 broken one ? thanks a lot
Jaime G
8 days ago
Faster and secure
Pierre-Louis R
9 days ago
Perfect like all the time
Luciana S
9 days ago
Eztremely efficient customer support, delivery , everything.

Lots of love
from Jack, Jessica, Gigi and Matt


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