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Why You Should Clean Your Room Before Taking Psychedelics

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in this article
  • Introduction
  • The Importance of a Clean and Tidy Setting
  • Tips for Incorporating Cleaning Into Your Pre-Trip Ritual
  • Final Thoughts

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Chemical Collective or any associated parties.


Have you ever stumbled upon a piece of advice that then became a cornerstone of your preparation for psychedelic experiences?

Well, just over a year ago, the popular psychedelic Twitter account The Archaic Revival dropped an advisory tweet that sent ripples through the online psychedelic community. It gained over 56,000 likes and still holds the title of the account’s most-liked tweet ever.

The wisdom?

The responses to the tweet were largely from fellow psychonauts agreeing with the sentiment:

A dirty house is a one-way road to a bad trip.

Simple, right?

I can personally vouch for the power of this pre-trip ritual. But why does the state of your space matter? Is there magic in sweeping the floor and tidying up before you trip? Simply put, yes, and in this post, I will explore exactly why cleaning your room prior to taking psychedelics matters.

The Importance of a Clean and Tidy Setting

Much has been written about the importance of set and setting. Set (your mindset or inner state) and the setting (the physical space you are in). Your primary setting, then, is the room or space you are in during your psychedelic experience.

In the somewhat classic psychedelic book, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, leading psychedelic expert James Fadiman advises a “comfortable and uncluttered environment”.

It’s interesting to note that he mentions only two words and one of them is “uncluttered”.

Outer Order and Inner Calm

One of the reasons the setting is so important is because of the influence it has on a person’s feelings and well-being.

Outer order contributes to inner calm

– Gretchen Rubin

A study published in “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,” found that women who described their living spaces as cluttered or full of unfinished projects were more likely to be fatigued and depressed than women who described their homes as restful and restorative. Researchers also found that women with messy or cluttered homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Clutter and mess can also lead to negative emotions like confusion, tension, and irritability. Conversely, an organized home may encourage more positive emotions.

The physical activity of cleaning coupled with the result of a cleaner home can help to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety.

These considerations are especially important as psychedelics are consciousness amplifiers, capable of magnifying our emotions. If we are uneasy or anxious, this negative state can be exacerbated. If we are calm, then this positivity may be magnified.

When preparing for our psychedelic experiences we want to be in the best frame of mind possible when we take the dose. Cleaning is a simple and effective way to do so.

Sense of Order and Control

Cleaning a space can help you to feel a level of control over the environment. Psychedelic experiences are full of surprises, so having a sense of order is beneficial prior to beginning can be beneficial. The setting is a major part of the container for the experience. It can be supportive to know that they are within a container that is controlled and promotes feelings of certainty.

Sense of Renewal

Have you ever experienced feeling great when you’ve just given your space a good clean? There’s a sense of renewal, a fresh start, clearing out the old, freshening up.

This links to our aims as psychonauts on a path of personal growth, as it is often this sense of renewal, or, ‘rebirth’ that we seek. Allowing something new into our lives requires letting go of something old. When you re-emerge from your experience, you will return to a fresh space. This will only contribute to your sense of a fresh start. This is helpful as you enter the integration process which follows the experience.

Self-Care and Loving-Kindness

The act of cleaning your room and clearing your space is also an act of self-care. You are doing something kind for yourself. As has been written about by Sam Woolfe here on Chemical Collective, loving-kindness can be a key part of psychedelic integration. This includes caring for ourselves and our space. This practice can improve our sense of well-being, and enhance empathy for ourselves and others.

Ease of Navigation for a Smoother Experience

A clean space will allow for smoother navigation during the psychedelic experience as you are easily able to locate anything you may need.This can help promote a positive experience by removing the need to search for items whilst in altered states which can bring about confusion, and take away from the experience.

Tips for Incorporating Cleaning Into Your Pre-Trip Ritual

If you’re ready to start cleaning your room before your trip, here are a few tips for how to incorporate cleaning into your pre-trip ritual.

Set Aside Some Time

Leave at least 30 minutes in your schedule to clear your space before your trip. You can do this directly before you take your dose, or if you want a bigger clean, you can spend some time the day before so the space is ready for you on the day of your session.

Set an Intention

Before you start cleaning, you might like to set an intention for the ritual. Reflect on what you aim to achieve by cleaning your space. This can add depth and a sense of purpose to the act.

Put on Some Music

Enhance the atmosphere by selecting music that resonates with your pre-trip mood. Create a playlist to enhance the experience and contribute to a positive and beneficial mindset.

clean your room psychedelics

Mindful Cleaning

Focus on each task with intention and attention. Feel the texture of surfaces, notice the scents of cleaning products, and be present in the act of tidying. Mindful cleaning can transform a routine chore into a purposeful engagement.

Declutter Your Mind as You Declutter Your Space

As you organize and clean, aim to let go of mental distractions. Acknowledge and release any thoughts that won’t serve you. You can consider it a dual process of external and internal purification.

clean your room psychedelics

Bring Nature Indoors

You may like to introduce elements of nature into your cleaning ritual. Open windows to let in fresh air, bring in small plants, or use natural cleaning products with pleasant scents. Nature has a calming effect and can enhance the overall ambiance of your space.

Express Gratitude

Before concluding your cleaning ritual, express gratitude for the effort and intention you’ve invested. Acknowledge the transformation of your space and the preparation for your journey. Gratitude can add a positive and appreciative energy to your surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Taking the time to clean my space is a fundamental aspect of how I mentally and physically prepare for psychedelic experiences. Remember, the state of your space is more than just a logistical consideration. It is a mindful act and an acknowledgment of the connection between your environment and how your psychedelic experience will unfold. Whether it’s finding a sense of calm and control, making an opening for renewal, or practicing self-love, cleaning your room is a doorway to a more intentional and beneficial trip.

John Robertson | Community Blogger at Chemical Collective | mapsofthemind.com

John is one of our community bloggers here at Chemical Collective. If you’re interested in joining our blogging team and getting paid to write about subjects you’re passionate about, please reach out to David via email at blog@chemical-collective.com

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4 months ago

I love cleaning up before a trip, it’s a kind of meditation, a mood for the next evening, all things are in their places, you feel harmony)

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