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“Le Petit №4″│Pipe Handmade by SCHMAUCH®

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Le Petit №4

Let the №4 accompany you.

Firmly stuffed, it offers you several minutes of stylish SCHMAUCH® enjoyment, while you can casually clamp it between your teeth and go about your business.

In the box you will find everything you need and you can always have it with you in a compact form – including your favorite herb.

Wood as a natural product always has a spectrum of different colors and structures – the pictures show rather dark specimens.

Would you like to have a particularly dark or light Le Petit? Just write it as a comment when you place your order.



  • Box: approx. 5.5x7x3.5cm
  • Whistle: 6 to 2.2cm
  • Filter: slim, 6.3mm
  • Screens 10mm



  • Pipe with strainer and filter
  • Four additional filters and two screens
  • Noble cigar box with fair natural rubber rubber strap for on the go


Use and care:

The Le Petit smokes best with a fairly tightly packed high in the chamber.
When lighting, I recommend a twisting motion to fully ignite the stuffed chamber.
Do you want hash in the No. 4 smoke, you can place it crumbled in a herbal mixture.

Attention, short and direct smoke route!
When the chamber is full, it is better to smoke slowly and relaxed for a longer period of time.

Cleaning with ethanol, isopropanol or oil. Definitely not with water.
The polish wears off over time, you can then care for the wood with olive, hemp, linseed, – or another good quality oil.

Screen change : Pierce with the pike from behind orpress down on one side, then it flips up and comes out easily.
Insert a new or cleaned sieve as deep as you like, up to the edge of the wood at most.

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