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Printed on premium card with copper foil inlay, soft-touch lamination, and exclusive custom artwork.

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Responsible Research with DCK

Always practice responsible research. You should read and educate yourself before undertaking research with any chemical. The Psychonaut Wiki has some very helpful resources and information on DCK

What is DCK?

2′-Oxo-PCM (also known as deschloroketamine, O-PCM, DXE, and DCK) is a lesser-known novel dissociative substance of the arylcyclohexylamine class that produces dissociative, anesthetic and hallucinogenic effects when administered. Other chemicals in this class include DMXE, 2-FDCK and 3-Me-PCPy.

DCK was on of the first ketamine analogues that appeared on the research chemical scene in the early 2010s. Many researchers experiment with it as a legal alternative to ketamine. However, the results achieved are substantially different. Notably, the duration of experiments with DCK tends to last several hours, compared to 30-60 minutes with ketamine or 2-FDCK.

Chemical Properties

Deschloroketamine, or 2-Phenyl-2-(methylamino)cyclohexanone, is classed as an arylcyclohexylamine drug. Arylcyclohexylamine drugs are named for their structures which include a cyclohexane ring bound to an aromatic ring along with an amine group. Descholoroketamine contains a phenyl ring bonded to a cyclohexane ring substituted with an oxo group (cyclohexanone). An amino methyl chain (-N-CH3) is bound to the adjacent alpha carbon (R2) of the cyclohexanone ring.

Descholoroketamine is a chiral molecule and is often produced as a racemate. Des- is a prefix used in chemistry to denote the absence of a functional group (in this case “chloro”) hence deschloroketamine is named for lacking a chlorine substitution on its phenyl ring, which is found in ketamine.

Pharmacological effects

Due to the lack of research regarding the substance, all discussion regarding the pharmacology of it is purely based on its structure and subjective effect similarities to other arylcyclohexylamine dissociatives such as 3-MeO-PCP, PCP and MXE. With this in mind, DCK is thought to act as an NMDA receptor antagonist. NMDA receptors, a type of glutamate receptor, allow for excitatory electrical signals to pass between neurons in the brain and spinal column; for the signals to pass, the receptor must be open. Dissociatives inactivate the NMDA receptors by blocking them. This disconnection of neurons leads to the general loss of bodily sensation, motor coordination, memory recall and eventually this substance’s equivalent of the “k-hole.”

Some of the most commonly reported effects are:

  • Spontaneous physical sensations
  • Motor control loss
  • Depersonalization
  • Dream potentiation
  • Creativity enhancement

Potential Side Effects

  • Nausea
  • Sedation
  • Decreased libido
  • Time distortion
  • Optical sliding


DCK is classified as illegal in:

  • Latvia
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

This list is not exhaustive, so do your own research into the legal status in your country before ordering!

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All products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Lysergamides and Tryptamines should be kept below 20'c where possible

Product Name: DCK hydrochloride

Other Name(s): 2′-Oxo-PCM – O-PCM

IUPAC Name: 2-(methylamino)-2-phenyl-cyclohexanone, monohydrochloride

CAS: 4631-27-0

Formula: C13H17NO

Molar Mass: 203.285 g·mol−1


4.63 / 5 (35)
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NMR Measurment Report
NMR Measurement
Report Available

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Sample name: ST-119 12-3-2021
Spectrometer: Bruker 500 MHz Solvent: CDCl3
Expected compound:
Identified compound:
Estimated purity:

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35 reviews for DCK HCL

  1. jachyyy (verified owner)

    I did not really like this disso. Longer lasting than 2fdck, but colder and without that magic.

  2. MxM (verified owner)

    Deep, lasts long enough and has legs. “Magical” and cozy, for lazy Sunday afternoons. The downside is that it has some bodyload during and can be felt the whole next day, dizziness and pressure drops. Also it’s antibiotic properties isn’t just urban legend I could tell. I had it from two different sources on separate times. The one from here was brownish and I actually found the other batch to be superior. Still, no regrets

  3. Boaz08 (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite disso RC. Wish it was a bit cheaper, but sadly dissos get more and more expensive.

  4. Mirar (verified owner)

    Schöne Wirkung
    Hält lange und wirkt intensiver als 2 fdck

  5. W୩ (verified owner)

    Produit de qualité aux effets surprenants, dosage initial par voix direct à sous doser en premier lieux

  6. Jfraktal (verified owner)

    Le batch “Sandy Brown” est plus agréable à faire consommer à mes plantes, texture fine qui irrite moins les cellules.
    En spray c’est vraiment le top si vous n’êtes pas à domicile.

  7. Olivier Aubert

    Very bland K where’s the Magic? Gets you disso and that’s about it .. so disappointed compared to 2-FDCK

  8. Space Cooker (verified owner)

    Our research showed really interesting initial dissociative results. Our Guinea Pigs were able to clearly hole.
    Duration is a bit on the long side, so our test subjects were feeling a bit tired after some successive experiments.
    Top research Subject thx CC !

  9. Oeleiop (verified owner)


  10. barry (verified owner)

    I havent researched this for quite some time so Im not sure if it is normal for recent batches to lack the sand like texture but the test amount I received was more of I fine powder and i honestly found it to be better than before

  11. Diego

    Y lo mejor es que se siente mejor que la original

  12. Diego

    Me encanto la experiencia y volvere a probarla

  13. simonsterba10 (verified owner)

    It is maybe even as same interesting chemical as regular k.

  14. inmfast (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Also budget friendly. Highly reccommended.

  15. johnymnemonick9

    Nice warm feeling, a bit drunk.
    When my rats over do it they get paranoia:-)
    Very good quality

  16. globulus (verified owner)

    the best disso if you want to keep it cheap

  17. Fruitneck

    Had a friend that ordered this off of this site and shared some with me. We had an incredible time on it and I had to come by the site the leave a review.

  18. PureResearch

    Ketamine on hardcore steroids it’s such a heavy psychedelic dissociative amazing for home sessions

  19. Charles55

    A good research chemical for sure

  20. brazzer

    very potent and interesting dissociative. economic too

  21. Lyon

    Made my own nasal spray with this and works like an absolute charm it is a nice, warm and comfortable dissociative and I like that this is not as intense as other dissociatives

  22. Luca

    Good quality I always liked DCK the most. But i got a question when will there be a new ketamin for the german customers?

  23. Nilhuse721 (verified owner)

    I found it great for the price, i find it 2f like at high dosage ( starting 25mg ) BUT missing this magic i found in 2FDCK… This feel more cold but bright side make me sleep easy 🤣👍😴 anyway, big love team CC

  24. Gsy79

    Gute Qualität. Und sehr schön verpackt. Immer wieder gerne

  25. Kratios king

    great service

  26. Dadann

    Great product !

  27. circadis (verified owner)

    Deserves more than 5 stars. Flawless product quality, shipment, and customer service. Keep up the good work

  28. Joseph Gertz

    Jack has always helped me and my fiance with our research and this was top quality. These guys are amazing and it sucks that they wont ship to the US after September 17th 2020. But it’s okay because I always got what I paid for even if it took a little while. Thank you guys!

  29. ChickenCobra (verified owner)

    Jack provides excellent customer service. This product tested perfectly!

  30. Sam

    Jack is absolutely unmatched in his customer service, intelligence and efficiency. I’ve been on this site making orders while knowing NOTHING about Bitcoin and he still through every hour of it politely and with the same positive energy.
    Thank you!

  31. weisdtc707 (verified owner)

    At first i was not impressed with this chemical until during one of my science experiments i felt as if i had left my body and traveled to heaven i couldnt believe it. Amazing chemical, just dont do experiments with it too often.

  32. S

    Great product, took a couple weeks longer than normal to arrive but that’s kind of expected right now.

  33. spentthedayaway (verified owner)

    Great quality. A compound returns and lives up to the hype. CC ships fast and securely, customer service brings everthing to 5 stars. The best vendor going right now!

  34. Jason

    A1 vendor, very fast shipping to US, very professional customer service, Jack has always replied to my emails promptly. Will always recommend to anyone 10/10

  35. brandanderstine (verified owner)

    Giving 5 stars for the crazy fast shipping (US in under a week). Even though my order got messed up it’s nice to know that this place came through. Will definitely be ordering again!

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