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1V-LSD – The Ultimate Guide

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in this article
  • What is 1V-LSD?
  • How does 1V-LSD work?
  • What are the effects of 1V-LSD?
  • Set and Setting
  • How can I buy 1V-LSD?
  • Update 08-08-2022: 1V-LSD Ban in Germany Delayed Until September

Last updated on Monday 8th August 2022.

What is 1V-LSD?

UPDATE October 2022

Lizard Labs very recently announced 1D-LSD, a successor to 1V-LSD and a new legal lysergamide soon to be available in Germany. We’ve written up an in-depth article with everything we currently you can read here. Will will update you with more information when we have it. Finally, you can buy 1D-LSD here.


1V-LSD – known informally as “Valerie” and technically as 1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate – is an analogue and presumed prodrug of LSD; meaning it is assumed to be metabolized into LSD-25 upon ingestion.

On July 2nd 2021, the German government broadened their NpSG Act to include 1cP-LSD, making it effectively illegal to import and trade the substance. Just several hours later, a lab in the Netherlands (all hail our Lizardy Saviours) announced the arrival of a new lysergamide – 1V-LSD – that (coincidentally) circumvented this new law. Since then, Valerie has grown in popularity significantly and has already become a widely researched and respected chemical in her own right.

How does 1V-LSD work?

1V-LSD is assumed to work pharmacologically the same as good ol’ LSD-25; which is to say that its main method of action is as a partial agonist of multiple 5-HT receptors. These receptors – more commonly known as serotonin receptors – are largely responsible for feelings of happiness, optimism, and connection. The psychedelic effects of 1V-LSD are presumed to come primarily from agonism of the 5-HT2A receptor specifically. 

LSD also shows efficacy at the dopamine and norepinephrine receptors. These receptors not only control the brain’s motivation and reward systems but are also key in the process of neuroplasticity (effectively – a persons’ ability to “rewire” their brain), which one could speculate is the reason why 1V-LSD (and other LSD derivatives) often produce changes in the user’s psychological state that last much longer than the acute psychedelic experience itself.

What are the effects of 1V-LSD?

So how does 1V-LSD actually make us feel? It is still early days so the number of trip reports is limited and since there haven’t been any clinical trials on the use of 1V-LSD, we have to rely on the small number of subjective experiences. While trip reports vary (as is always the case with psychedelics), there are some common effects you can often expect from 1V-LSD:

  • Stimulation – almost all users report some level of stimulation at both low and high doses. This is felt subjectively as increased energy levels and motivation and can lead to the user feeling the need to run, walk, dance, or generally exert their energy in some way. Bear in mind you likely won’t be able to sleep for the duration of your trip (so if you need a full night’s sleep, don’t wait until 8 pm to start your experiment!).

As Reddit user/psychonaut/poet /u/Nervewing describes in this wonderful trip report (do yourself a favor and give this a read! Also check out their excellent blog):

“At this point, the experience is mostly stimulation. My limbs are shaking, a distinct sense of buzzing and high-frequency vibration starts to work its way through my body”

  • Visual hallucinations and enhanced visual acuity – While similar in nature to the visuals of other LSD analogues, many users report the hallucinations experienced from 1V-LSD to be stronger and more lucid than (for example) 1P-LSD and 1cP-LSD. As with most lysergamides, the hallucinations are generally distortions of reality (patterns/objects begin to swirl and vibrate, often with a geometric nature), as opposed to being hallucinations that are entirely independent/separate from physical reality. At low and moderate doses (including “microdoses”), visual acuity (the ability of the eye to distinguish details of the world) seems to be improved as well as colours being enhanced.

Once again referring to Nervewing’s post:

“Effects feel as though they are cresting and crashing over, glistening tracers follow my every movement, blurring my field of vision with buzzing neon outlines that reverberate into disintegration. The visual intensity has welled up so suddenly that I almost forget my discomforts. Everything shakes and wobbles as beams of light trace their way across every edge and vertex and line in my sight like fluorescent veins or vines pulsing and breathing to intensify their grip on my surroundings, gently and amiably. Patterns start to form on the walls, infinite reliefs reminiscent of Mesoamerican art, twisting and interlocking and fringed by a gentle green and pink glow that ripples through space. I am encased in a heavenly amethyst temple. There is a density to the visuals like the world sags under the weight of their fervor. It is an ocean swirling with life, every cubic centimeter packed with bustling psychedelic plankton swirling and weaving among each other in dense blocks of patterned, all-consuming life force from the violet core of the earth.”

And as Reddit user /u/Pappenmeister describes:

“I noticed changes in almost all objects. The street looked like it was made of small grey stacked coins. My phone in particular looked very different. All the buttons and apps on my screen looked like they were animated. All the letters wiggled back and forth and it looked like someone was repainting the letters with a lighter shade of white.”

  • Spontaneous fits of laughter/increased sense of humour – as with most (if not all) lysergamides, users often report experiencing fits of laughter and seeing humour and absurdity in the areas of life we generally see as “normal”.
  • Increased sense of connection – some users report feeling more connected to the world around them. And (at higher doses in particular) some no longer sense a distinction between themselves and the external world (also known as ego-death).
  • Spontaneous Bodily Sensations/Body load – this term is used to describe 1V-LSD’s effect on the physical body. This can be anything from tingling sensations at the extremities and feelings of warmth/butterflies emanating from the stomach to stiffness in the muscles, tightness in the stomach, and increased heart rate. Some users report a higher than usual body load compared to 1cP-LSD, while others report little or no body load.
  • Nausea – this seems to affect a small percentage of people who use 1V-LSD, with most people who experience it reporting nausea between the 1-3 hour mark, sometimes leading to vomiting, which then clears up for the rest of the trip. It should be noted that most people who experience nausea still report an overall positive experience. Reddit user /u/abu0 compiled a list of 17 trip reports, with 3 of the 17 users experiencing nausea or vomiting. 
  • Increased analytical thinking/self-reflection – many users report that 1V-LSD allows them to view themselves and their life from a different (perhaps more objective or outside) perspective. This can be distressing to some people if they have certain realisations that may be painful to digest. Though most users generally report that these insights are overall positive and valuable life experiences.

In a trip report from Reddit user /u/FrazzledGod (I highly recommend checking out his entire post!), he eloquently and vividly describes the different states 1V-LSD can lead a person through:

“I had been laughing a lot at random internet stuff as well as at my own mental fabrications but the 1V made me aware of some repressed feelings of loneliness and pain which presented themselves like lightning strikes whenever I made associations between memories, alternating between happy, beautiful, heart breaking etc. In short moments of sadness I let my tears flow and allowed myself to be with the feeling of grief intently, without lingering too long. This is why I find LSD and its analogues to be so therapeutic sometimes. There is a ruthless directness to it. Things aren’t sugar coated. It is just raw honesty. Maybe at times I felt slightly detached from my feelings and emotions whereas I might otherwise feel too identified with them, so this was useful and much needed.”

  • Anxiety/over-thinking/thought-loops – Some users report experiencing mild to intense anxiety and overthinking. This can be affected by set and setting, current mood, underlying brain chemistry, and a myriad of other factors. At higher doses, users have reported becoming stuck in thought-loops, whereby one or more thoughts or beliefs repeatedly run through their minds.Of course, this list is not exhaustive and there are other effects (wanted and unwanted) that one can experience while using 1V-LSD. I’d strongly recommend checking out Psychonaut Wiki’s page on LSD-25 for a more comprehensive list.

Set and Setting

As with all psychedelics, set and setting are absolutely key to having the kind of experience you are looking for. So what is set and setting? 

  • Location, location, location – are you in a safe, familiar environment? In the midst of a psychedelic trip, some of your cognitive capacities may be diminished (rationality, spatial awareness, sense of direction, etc), which makes you more vulnerable to getting lost (if you’re in a busy festival or walking in the countryside for example) and less able to deal with potentially stressful situations and your mind may misinterpret events, leading to anxiety or paranoia.
  • State of mind – have you just gone through a difficult break-up? Do you suffer from severe depression or anxiety? Have you just had an intense argument with a friend or relative? While these aren’t necessarily reasons not to partake in a psychedelic trip (indeed, people often report using psychedelics to help get them through such situations), you should always be aware that your trip very likely will be affected by the state of mind you’re in at the time. As such, you should be clear on what your intentions are going into the trip.
  • Trip buddies/companions – this is one of the most key components of having a positive experience on 1V-LSD (or any other psychedelic). Make sure you have at least one person with you that you trust deeply. During a trip, your mind can sometimes play tricks on you, especially if you’re in an environment full of unfamiliar faces; at these times, it is key to have a close friend there to remind you that you’re just tripping and the walls are not in fact trying to eat you. You should also have at least one trip buddy who isn’t partaking in the trip themselves (aka a “trip sitter”). They keep an eye on you; make sure you don’t do anything stupid to hurt yourself or others; and can talk sense into you if you start to feel anxious or paranoid.

While spontaneous psychedelic trips can certainly be fun, in order to maximize the chance that you have a positive experience (and to minimize the chance of a bad trip), I generally recommend putting some thought into how, where, and with whom you’re going to trip.

Important things to note:

  • The effects of 1V-LSD can take quite some time to kick in – significantly longer than other LSD analogues. For some people between 2-3 hours (this is likely due to the higher molecular weight – meaning it takes longer to be metabolized into LSD). I strongly recommend not redosing for at least 2-3 hours. 
  • The effects of 1V-LSD (or any other LSD analogue) can be altered by other serotonergic drugs, due to its affinity with serotonin receptors (SSRIs/MDMA etc). They could either be enhanced or diminished. So please be aware of this.

Useful Resources:

How can I buy 1V-LSD?

1V-LSD can be bought online from a large variety of research chemical websites. Just make sure you buy 1V-LSD from a reputable vendor. You can read more about how to find a legitimate RC vendor in this “How to buy research chemicals” guide.

You can also buy 1V-LSD at Chemical Collective. Make sure to be careful and to do your own research before deciding to purchase research chemicals online. If you are unsure about the purity or quality of the product, make sure to request the NMR results.

Update 08-08-2022: 1V-LSD Ban in Germany Delayed Until September

Some unexpected and very positive news for Germany regarding the upcoming 1V-LSD ban 🙂

Despite available info originally suggesting 1V-LSD would be banned in July, the amendment didn’t pass through the European Commission in time before the Federal Council meeting dispersed for their summer break.

You can read the latest Federal Council meeting (July 8th) agenda  HERE with zero mention of the NpSG amendment! The amendment wasn’t passed through the European Commission until June 23rd, as you can see HERE 

A very close call but great news for our German customers and the German psychedelics scene as a whole.

The next Federal Council meeting is scheduled for September 16th.

We will continue to keep a close eye on things as they develop.

Written by Dr Rick Dagless MD | Guest Blogger at Chemical Collective


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1 year ago

Very informative! Very good written! Also it is a nice touch to link external resources for further information <3

1 year ago

Has everything you might want to know. Great guide!

1 year ago

1V it’s fantastic, specially for the visual stuff. Wonderful and magic substance.

1 year ago

I hope to buy it soon on your website

2 years ago

This is my favourite rc lsd, but i did have a light nausea the first time only.

2 years ago

Can’t wait for someone to add another atom to the LSD molecule and make it legal again when the ban in Germany is enforced. Anyway, a well written article and pretty helpful 🙂

2 years ago

We’re going to miss you, Valerie! Germany is banning our medication once again. Nothing ever changes.

2 years ago

Very interesting guide. I’ve always found just plain lsd-25 to be powerful but I’ve never had lab grade chems.

2 years ago

I never researched LSD before. Heard about microdosing on different sites. And I tried….
Got excellent results on my research.
I recommend exploring this kind
I wonder where could I research microdosing with psilocybin ???

2 years ago

I will try this type of lsd

2 years ago

Nice guide, much appreciated when having experiences in a new country where I do not know other researchers in person yet.

2 years ago

My favorite LSD out of them all

2 years ago

Very informative article I hope that there will be more such articles in the future.

2 years ago

I’ve recently moved to Germany, and I was deleted to learn that it was legal. Having only tried LSD-25 previously, I much prefer this prodrug. It was pure zen. I meditated whilst staring at a tree for hours, and before I knew it, I had become one with the earth. I am no longer anxious about being an outsider. My bond is with the land, and not with the people occupying it.

2 years ago

Excellent arcticle ! i do micro dose of 1v and its super nice !!

2 years ago

thank you, there is a huge lack of information about Valerie online. Helpful (:

2 years ago

I appreciate the work done here. It’s important and highly exciting too that each analogue of an Lysergamide that gets popular is sufficiently monitored and well documented in regards to the profile of effects it has on the organism. Thank you very much!

2 years ago

Thanks for this guide bro, this really intrigued me

2 years ago

I was looking for information on 1-V-LSD, but I haven’t been able to find any. My usual source, Wikipedia, didn’t have a page dedicated to the drug. Thank you for the concise article. It’s a great resource.

2 years ago

Isn’t this just the same as any other pro-drug of LSD?

2 years ago

Very well done. Are you planning to cover more substances?

2 years ago

This has to be one of the most helpful yet not overly lengthy articles on Valerie I’ve come across. Love how you link external resources, I didn’t know there was a whole subreddit dedicated to this stuff 🙂

2 years ago

Very well written article, definitely will look more into this.

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