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Ratings from 45 reviews

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What is DMXE?

DMXE is a dissociative substance of the arylcyclohexylamine class that produces dissociative, anesthetic, stimulating and hallucinogenic effects when administered

It was first synthesised by a laboratory in the Netherlands in 2020 as part of an ongoing quest to find a replacement to the much-loved and much-missed MXE. Many people believe it to be the nearest thing on the market to Methoxetamine and it has risen quickly in popularity in the research chemical scene as a result.

We also have an Ultimate Guide to DMXE that’s well worth reading.

What are the effects of DMXE?

Initial reports suggest that DMXE shares many subjective properties with MXE; more-so than other dissociatives such as MXPr, MXiPr and DCK.

Most researchers of DMXE report more stimulating results than with most other dissociatives, especially when compared to 2-FDCK and DCK. Many also report feeling energized and sociable during experiments with DMXE.

Like other dissociatives, DMXE is presumed to take effect due to its antagonism of the NMDA receptors in the brain.

Some of the most commonly reported effects are:

  • Stimulation
  • Perception of bodily lightness
  • Physical autonomy
  • Physical euphoria
  • Dissociation
  • Enhanced proprioception

Potential Side Effects

  • Light-headedness
  • Dizziness
  • Motor control loss
  • Orgasm suppression
  • Mania

Responsible Research with DMXE

Always practice responsible research. You should read and educate yourself before undertaking research with any chemical. DMXE is an extremely novel chemical, so use the utmost caution during your experiments. Never conduct research with a chemical without learning about it first.


DMXE is classified as illegal in:

  • United Kingdom

This list is not exhaustive, so do your own research into the legal status in your country before ordering!

All products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Lysergamides and Tryptamines should be kept below 20'c where possible

Product Name: DMXE Hydrochloride

Other Name(s): Deoxymethoxetamine, 3D-MXE, methetamine, 3-Me-2′-oxo-PCE Hydrochloride

IUPAC Name: 2-(ethylamino)-2-(3-methylphenyl)-cyclohexanone hydrochloride


Molar Mass: 267.8 g/mol

NMR Measurment Report
NMR Measurement
Report Available
Sample name: AC-33 3-5-2024
Spectrometer: Bruker 600 MHz Solvent: CDCl3
Expected compound:
Identified compound:
Estimated purity:

Click here for the full report.

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45 reviews for DMXE HCL

  1. sillaxpower (verified owner)

    Great disso just a little and you’re on the moon. Fast shipping!

  2. |#3MF|

    nice warm disso producing a very nice mental state making music god-tier, activities more interesting/stimulating, and prompting deep thinking from different perspectives. however, not an overly powerful chemical and little visuals beyond drifting. unable to achieve a hole without lots of redosing/combining (maybe due to tolerance??). sociable in low doses (~20-50mg), trippy detachment higher you go (70-120mg seemed to be sweet spot). in terms of roa, personally, IN produced the best effects tho I have a weak nose, luckily oral and rectal seem to produce similar results, but with a longer and less noticeable comeup. overall, pleasant disso i’d rate it equal to mxipr (or perhaps just under). gave similar vibes to a high-2nd plat dxm (maybe coz of the dissociated serotonin activity headspace). anyway, big ups CC thanks for the free cat sticker xd

  3. samsarafugitive47

    what a beautiful disso this is. much better nasal bioavailability than pellets. all time fav. psychedelic if combined with herb. gets way too confusing on lsd. kind of pricey. quality, delivery and communication is top notch though.

  4. uvechanged

    Very warm, pleasant, chill, zero visuals, seems difficult to hole on, but IMO overall great disso.

  5. JMP

    My lab rats report that it is very fun, light (much lighter that 3-Me-PCPy), chill, slightly psychedelic, slight CEV, no OEV.

  6. darkkitty2901

    I dont like it,it feels like being drunk,i dont feel disociated :(((( 3-me-pcpy is better

    • Voitechus

      I personally found dosage 40-60g very dissocive.

  7. marek

    Bardzo ciekawe doświadczenie. Choć pierwszy raz połączyłem to z 1 cp i po tym przez godzinę nie mogłem odnaleźć się. Słuchanie muzyki dało znowu luz i dobre samopoczucie. Następnym razem już nie mieszałem i było ok. Czas trwania ok .2h przy dawce ok. 50 mg

    • Voitechus

      Dose you have mentioned is totally heavy on it’s own even there is no combination, especcialy when used orally.

  8. voitechus

    This is my first dissocial experience. It reminds me LSD state without visuals in medium dosage, I even forgot who I am and what is this all for a few minutes, pleasant and little bit scary mindfuck for a second, but I would not call it a bad trip, it was otherwise at the end. Very low dosage feels pleasent and introspective, terapeutic for me. Really interesting substance. Beware, you may be stimulated and not sleepy at all and a little restless when trying to sleep for a few hours when redosing but that was no big problem. Also, better to beware from using too often, you surely could easily get use to it when using casualy and toxicity when abused is not very well known yet, better save your bladder. I had plenty of energy and mood enhanced next day and was motivated.

  9. Rayech

    Its chill, one of the best.

  10. Sweet42 (verified owner)

    Not the best reasearch i had, prefered 2-fdck and 3-ho-pcp for reaseach but that’s personal preference.

  11. Mngwa

    So called ultimate guide does not contain any information about: dosage, administration or anything useful at all. Also obviously not really healthy … so this one is a big nope for me.

  12. LKNS6666 (verified owner)

    Best molecule I ever tried in my live. For real, I’m now a little bored by the other dissociatives substances (even if I loved so much 2-FDCK and 3-HO-PCP.) This one is still my favorite since December 2020, the first fantastic batch.
    Many psychedelic effects, but high energy, and sometimes fear when you don’t correctly calculate the weight of your trip… be very careful with it ! In any case, thanks CC for the quality, the service and the sending of each order despite the DPD and Chronopost problems !!

  13. bolk (verified owner)

    En francais 😉 Experience très etrange, effets très differents selon quantité, body load 40mg environ, agreable façon ivresse. Mais attention, après, les effets sont diaboliques. Attention c’est pas de la blague… produit fort!

    • LKNS6666 (verified owner)

      Oui le 3ème batch est très différent du 2ème qui est très différent du 1er (novembre 2020, le meilleur que j’ai pu expérimenter…) Les effets restent très forts mais en effet un peu étranges, plus anesthésiants et à la fois hyper stimulants, alors que les anciens étaient très psychédéliques. (Il en fallait moins également, mais c’est une sûrement une histoire de tolérance qui augmente vite.) Faire attention toutefois, ça reste très fort !

  14. mhdismailali (verified owner)

    its a gem a just wish if can get little bit of higher purity

    • LKNS6666 (verified owner)

      First batch had 99% purity, it was madness !

  15. MadMohally

    the presence of dioxane in the component simply kills. it’s impossible not to think about it..

  16. Tamerlane

    i really like it

  17. SirSmile

    Very interesting substance, had no problems with it, altough it’s best effects didn’t seem to last very long, I still got what I expected from it. Be safe with your research and I’m sure you can enjoy this as well.

  18. Sammy

    Shitty batch, should be half the price. Didn’t even feel the same product as last year. I called it a retard simulator but unfortunately the simulation continues after use due to surprising neurotoxicity.

  19. jachyyy (verified owner)

    Yet my favorite disso, similar to ket but warmer.

  20. JanHa

    It’s quite faintly, similar to alcohol intoxication. I think that other disso is better choice.

  21. Safman (verified owner)

    My favourite product, but pellets suit me more.

  22. chabbayabba (verified owner)

    Lab rats report meditative state, and are especially fond watching movies with it. Fully immersed in the story and the visuals…

  23. Olivier Aubert

    Warm and funky but not wonky enough for my rats. Has long legs too so be careful

  24. Frayer

    best disso

  25. Kilto (verified owner)

    I love it! It is my new favorite disso even after trying ket!

  26. Space Cooker (verified owner)

    Our initial data collection led to a 5/5 rating of this research material. Our Guinea Pigs were impressed with the mild visuals procured by DMXE. Definitely a strong Holing research subject.
    Top Quality and Service by CC !

  27. Oeleiop (verified owner)

    Electric, recreative, aquatic

  28. Axis Bank Credit Card Apply

    Nice i really enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep on posting. Thanks

  29. froggy (verified owner)

    Great product! Never disappoints. Matter of fact it gets better every time. Highly recommended!

  30. efraimos

    My firts disso, high quality product.
    Can definetly recommend. I was little scared if this website wasnt scam. And thankfully my product really arrived just few days after ordering.

  31. Gunnmlo (verified owner)

    Sooooooo good 🙂 it s the Best dissociative i have tried

  32. Philipp

    I really didn’t enjoyed it very much during the two times I researched with it.

  33. anormllife22 (verified owner)

    my very favorite substance period of the MANY ive tried

  34. substancereport (verified owner)

    5/5. DMXE is an amazing chemical that produces effects such as euphoria, introspection, and mild visuals (40mg+). Truly unique in its own right. Price is a little stingy, but otherwise amazing and one-of-a-kind experience.

  35. Boaz08 (verified owner)

    Amazing chemical.

  36. brazzer

    in my opinion the best dissociative, subjective opinion tho

  37. Slim

    Without any doubt the best dissociative currently available and damn it’s beautiful with psychedelics

  38. Lyon (verified owner)

    Lovely disso combines great with psychedelics

  39. Hairstyles

    What抯 Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It positively useful and it has aided me out loads. I am hoping to give a contribution & help other users like its aided me. Good job.

  40. Kodeisko

    Very reminiscent of MXE for the feeling of perfection, eternity, philosophical insights and poetical imagery, less prone to hole and i-your-face psychedelia but the afterglow is the best i ever experienced with any drug, very therapeutic, mental and clearheaded feel to it, there is almost no confusion and dysphoria (if you don’t go for too heavy amount), which can typically occur with any dissociative at a certain point ime, it is all gentle zen bliss

  41. Nilhuse721 (verified owner)

    Unique compound, very interesting, a must in term of experience 🙂

  42. poire wiliam (verified owner)

    5/5I bought this product on 3 different store, it is the purest dmxe that I could find.
    best quality!

  43. MUlmu (verified owner)

    4/5* Product itself is very very good best RC dissos out there by a mile. Beautiful substance, just to pricey still. Hope it drops soon, would be perfect then.

  44. Herbalchemishop (verified owner)

    My lab rats got most intense visuals from this chem. (in matter of dissociatives only), but tolerance bulids up pretty fast and I wouldnt recommed to research tis echemical very often, because od your rats health 🙂 never the less, one of best dissko, after special K. o-pce… Shipping was fast and customer service friendly 🙂

  45. DL

    Took a while to ship but definitely worth it. Caution recommended. Lovely molecule.

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