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Exclusive Custom Artwork – Dissociative ChemCards Now Available!

Dissociative ChemCards
in this article

group image disso chemcards chemical collective

We’re really excited to introduce a brand new collection to our exclusive product information cards – aka ChemCards.

Presenting the Dissociative collection, featuring our favourite Dissociative research chemicals past and present!

Just with our Lysergamide collection, these are printed on thick premium soft touch card finished with foil detailing, featuring unique designs for every compound along with the product information.

All orders of 2-FDCK, DMXE, HXE, DCK, O-PCE, 3-HO-PCP, MXPr, MXiPr and 3-MeO-PCE will now be shipped along with their corresponding ChemCard for free. Not interested in researching the chemical in question but still want to get your hands on one of these beauties? Not to worry! The cards are also available to buy individually in our merch store here

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1 year ago

The level of detail that has gone into creating the cards is truly impressive! Kudos the artists for bringing such a beautiful image to reality!

Unknown Flowing Subject
3 years ago

Totally insane!
I try to wait until this placement is really integrated and ready to buy about the given link. 😉
Grateful greetings!

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