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Cyclone Triple Torch

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Made in USA

Flame Powered

The Cyclone torch features wind-resistant triple flames with a large flame adjuster. This durably built, affordable torch lighter is the perfect starter torch for anyone looking to upgrade their dry herb vaping setup.

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Quick & Simple Heating- The Cyclone Triple Torch features wind resistant triple flames that allow you to spark up, no matter the weather.

✅ Durability: High quality starter torch light made to last.

✅ Dynavap Compatible: This is the perfect pairing to any of our Dynavap battery free vaporizers. As well as any any bong or water pipe.

✅ Discreet: With it’s small and lightweight design, this ergonomic torch lighter will fit right in your pocket and can be used anywhere, any time.

✅ Adjustable Heating: Tailor your heating experience using the large flame adjustment wheel.

✅ Refillable: Easily refillable with clear butane visual through transparent fuel tank.


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