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1D-LSD Announced: The New Legal Lysergamide & 1V-LSD Successor In Germany!

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Table of Contents
1D-LSD - It's official: our reptilian friends have done it again!
Some thoughts and hopes for the future: Is 1D-LSD qualitatively unique? Is this the end of the road?
Where can I buy 1D-LSD?
1V-LSD successor 1D-LSD
Actual footage of Lizard Labs hard at work.

1D-LSD - It's official: our reptilian friends have done it again!

Given the small pieces of information we had previously heard from Lizard Labs, we are incredibly happy, surprised and relieved to announce that they have successfully synthesized a 1V-LSD successor: 1D-LSD.

This evening’s newsletter from LL reads:

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest German-legal lysergamide, 1D-LSD. After many months of tinkering around in the lab and repeated failures during the R&D phase, we have now managed to produce the first few grams of compound.

They go on to say:

This is a massive win as we were convinced the German government had us in checkmate due to the scope of the recent NpSG amendment. We explored several candidates and 1D-LSD showed the most promising results in terms of its pharmacological profile.

Lizard Lab’s first description of 1D-LSD’s pharmacological profile is very exciting. They comment that:

Initial results from our test group indicate that 1D-LSD has a much faster onset and a slightly shorter duration compared to 1V-LSD, with the majority of researchers noting that 1D-LSD gave more consistent and reproducible results. Based on this promising feedback, we may even have a compound that is superior to 1P-LSD or 1cP-LSD in terms of its qualitative effects!

They go on to explain:

From a chemical perspective, the fast onset could be explained by the highly-strained 1,2-dimethylcyclobutane group which may enable quick metabolism and hydrolysis to LSD in-vivo. The potency of 1D-LSD appears to be about equal to 1V-LSD, we have therefore kept the standard blotter dose at 150mcg.

Some thoughts and hopes for the future: Is 1D-LSD qualitatively unique? Is this the end of the road?

The first descriptions of 1D-LSD are intriguing.

While it’s inevitable each new lysergamide will be compared to the original LSD-25, we believe each compound should be evaluated and recognized in its own right. 1V-LSD had some unique qualities that gave it its distinct character. We hope 1D-LSD is similar in this regard.

We will carry out some of our own experiments ASAP so we can provide trip reports and more qualitative details.

What do you guys think of these developments? We were under the impression LL would be unable to find an alternative, and this was the end of the line for our German friends, but the cat-and-mouse game continues for now. With the German government shutting down 1V-LSD in record time, we can’t help but assume 1D-LSD’s days are already numbered.

1D-LSD 1V-LSD successor in Germany

The legacy of Valerie is an overwhelmingly positive one. She brought much beauty, insight, and wisdom to many thousands of people. It’s a sad state of affairs that the German government continues to pursue outdated and authoritarian legislation to suppress compounds that bring so much value to the lives of their citizens.

Unfortunately, until it becomes politically untenable (or profitable for the right people), it is likely to be business as usual for the legislators and bureaucrats.

Public opinion on psychedelic medicines has changed much over the last few decades, so positive change does feel increasingly possible. If the United States is capable of doing a 360-degree turn and effectively legalizing cannabis after so many years of criminalization, perhaps anything is possible.

Public debate and discourse on these matters are extremely important. We want to provide a platform for such conversations to take place – for people to share and discuss their experiences openly and honestly. We will continue to build our blog as a place for you guys to interact with each other, share information and build a community. Reach out to Matt at matt@chemical-collective.com if you’re interested in joining our writing team.

Where can I buy 1D-LSD?

LL have announced that they expect to begin shipping 1D-LSD from October 17th.

You can now buy 1D-LSD 150mcg Blotters225mcg Pellets and 10mcg Micro Pellets available for preorder. Orders will begin shipping from around October 17th – as soon as we get our first stock intake from LL.

We will keep you up to date as soon as we have any more information.

We don’t have a nickname yet for 1D as we don’t know yet what her characteristics will be. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments.


  1. That what I hearded that the difference between 1p/cp with the D/B/V… Variants are that in the body isn’t converted in LSD as the first one

    If the trip is a advance sure it will take a name in the scene but till then LSD, no more name, will be the king

  2. I must say, that 1-Dream-LSD sounds pretty nice, but I think that 1-D-LSD deserves a German name because it is dedicated to the German market…

      1. They won’t win, but for now it seems like they have. They’ve taken down Lizard Labs. Seems like downed by a joint operation between Germany and America. Go to lizardlabs.eu and you’ll see they’re site is taken down by U.S. Homeland Security Investigations, stating the reason that the analogs have been smuggled into the United States. Maryland District Court. I believe they’ve been raided together with several research labs lately.

      1. Hallo ich versuche das ein erstes mal kannst du mir bitte sagen welche Dosis wie lange hält das an danke im voraus Lg. Raphael

  3. I think Dream is a great name!
    1-(1,2-Dimethylcyclobutane-1-caRbonyl)-lysErgic Acid diethylaMide hemi-L-tartrate
    It at least has all these letters in the right order 😀
    Also Destiny is pretty cool!

    1. Should be LSC then. It’s the methylated cyclobutane group that’s so special so if we want to follow the trend it might as well incorporate both the lysergic scaffold and the cyclobutane scaffold. Don’t you think?

    1. I was thinking Deutschland too, you guys synthesized it, give yourself a little credit.

      Or d for deuce, for 2, as 2022. This is the 2022 acid. It’s a double entendre cuz the deuce stands for two but also for many troops: 2, like 2022, making it ontological, and a trippy conversation starter. Unless this LSD is dumb, in which case D for dumb . 1 Dumb Lsd. Lol. Lsd? D for Don’t. D for you’re a be DOPE for researching drugs.. D for Don’t you guys remember DARE? Reagan’s Dolt of a wife, goddamm nineteen eighDeeees. Or D for Democrats. I really don’t think anyone wants that. I don’t want that.

      Or idk.. D for dirtybomb. D for.. Diaspora of Ukraine.. Dinesk? Damascus? Detroit? Detroít! Techno, Punk, BreakcoreFootwork, that’s the D, baby, Deeeeetroit. Overpronounce the D. Look fellas, how’s about some of people take this car for a test drive before we names her, ahh??

      Lol 🙂 Come on, let’s get to know her a bit first, damn. Good luck Germans.

      Also, for the record, if you don’t it something before it finds it’s way out to this continent, you always run the risk of Drake stealing it.. And… Nobody wants 1-Drake-Acid. Come on, now.

      Just 1 Damn-ass Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.. done.

  4. As far as I thought to have understood, the “Neue psychoaktive Stoffe-Gesetz” and its newest amendment covers whole group of chemicals, including unknown ones, banning everything based on specific chemical ring structures. So 1D would have to significantly deviate from the original LSD and be something on its own right?

    1. Ich bin Jurist, kein Chemiker. Aber die Anlage zum NpSG deckt exakt definierte Stoffgruppen ab. Keine unbekannten oder “noch nicht bekannten”. Die Leute bei lizards labs haben die Gesetzesänderung sicherlich genauestens verfolgt. Sobald die genaue Zusammensetzung von 1D-LSD bekannt ist, kann man sie auch einfach mit der Anlage zum NpSG abgleichen und feststellen, dass 1D-LSD nicht darunter fällt.

  5. Okay, I just have to offer my name suggestions here too! 😂

    1-Danke-LSD or 1-Daddy-LSD? Hehe,

    I also really like 1-Dream-LSD or just “Dream”. “Daisy” is also quite cute! Someone else suggested “Destiny” which is super cool actually 😀 1-Discover-LSD? Hehe, and lastly 1-Dude-LSD 😂

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see what characteristics 1D brings to our experiences!

    Jessica X

  6. Because it is dedicated to the german markert, I think a german name would fit.
    Dietrich (Derek in english) is a typical old name, and it also another world for “lockpick”. I think this fits perfectly. But it might is a hard word to pronounce.
    So Detlef sounds also hilarious and funny to me.

    Female names: Daphne, Dolores, Doris, Daisy

    Shorter duration and quicker onset is an absolute plus!

    The price is quite high right now, will it change?

  7. wie geil ist das denn? ihr alle seid top!
    wenn jetzt irgendwann noch ein psilocybin-derivat entwickelt werden kann, sieht für viele die welt wieder freundlicher aus.

    1. Oh shit.. that is a really good point.

      I guess if you’re not sure what that means you probably are a lizard. And it’s really up to everyone else to prove you wrong.

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